Diversity Stupidity

If the century continues as it has started, it will go down—way down—as the century of perversion. By 2100, the homosexuals, pedophiles, pederasts, transgenders lesbians and whatever other flavor is found (anyone for bestiality as a sign of sophistication?) will be protected by laws that challenge the imagination.

Case in point: Recently, a male student at Atherton High School in Louisville, Ky., announced to the principal that thenceforth he demanded to use the girls' restroom and their locker-room. His reason: He considered himself a girl, notwithstanding his physical makeup, which was quite obvious. According to the newspaper, he presented no psychiatric or medical proof of his nomenclature...only his own determination that the stork had made a mistake.

Being “with it” in this day of diversity, the principal gave the guy permission to use the girls facilities, since not to do so would have discriminated against him, never mind how either the girls or the other hundreds of students felt. However, the matter made it to the site-based council for consideration. This council is made up of the principal, three teachers and two parents, and has the authority to hire its own principal, determine the school's curriculum and decide just about everything else. The elected school-board would have no say.

This setup is part of the Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990, much if not most of which has been rescinded one way or another as the state has suffered educationally for nearly two generations. The site-based council mandate has been the worst facet of the act, so naturally it's still in effect in Kentucky. The council allowed the public to speak at one of its meetings—both for and against. Predictably, the council supported the principal and the boy, recognizing him as actually a girl because he said so.

Also predictably, the students at the council meeting (must have been alerted to the circus) thought the decision just great, probably the boys, in particular, seeing how easy voyeurism can be...no more eye-holes in the wall or hidden cameras. It will be interesting to see how soon a girl declares herself a boy, and then how soon the council opts for unisex restrooms so the kids won't have to depend on Facebook any longer for voyeurism and may even have a little sex-education in the locker-room.

Perversion is still a problem in some areas. The co-defensive player of the year in the mighty NCAA Southeastern Conference was Michael Sam, an outed homosexual. He should have gone early in the NFL draft and drawn the millions awarded top draftees before they even play a game, not to mention the further millions thereafter. He was picked by St. Louis as number 249 out of a total of 256. His case overshadowed the entire meat-market and the president sent his congratulations not accruing to his ability but to his perversion, though the prez did not say that if he had a son he would be just like Michael.

Even—if not especially—the church is affected. Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson (New Hampshire) is now getting a divorce from his “husband” of 11 years, his second, the first one being from his wife with whom he sired two daughters. This is the stuff of antiquity—old Greece and Rome—in which perversion was virtually holy. Plato was a homosexual, pedophile and pederast all wrapped up in one entity. This country is headed the way of those rotting-from-the-inside empires.

A few verses:

Diversity Stupidity

He said that female was his ilk –
This sophomore who dressed in silk,
Requested girls' facilities
Be used for his utilities,
That girls' restroom be his new john,
Their locker-room where he could don
His gear for football and baseball,
Then take his showers in perfumed stall.

The school-based council heard his plea,
The principal, attentively,
His parents said he was so brave,
His chums as something of a knave;
The girls were so in-sensitized
To sex as so post-modernized
They did not lift a single nay...
Looked forward to a shower a day.

Some parents took a view quite dim
Of voyeurism done by him
And so a ballot then was posed,
With ninety-nine point nine opposed;
The council said, “not quite enough,”
And told the parents they could stuff
Their antiquated views just where
The sun's rays never enter there.

The council was unanimous,
Said parents just showed animus...
Diversity was all the rage,
Minorities were far more sage;
And so they voted yes-he-could
And he told them he-surely-would,
His chums said he owned super-think,
And he said...yeah—with nudge and wink.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark