Media - Disingenuous Shill?

The disingenuousness of newspapers with regard to actual facts is sometimes amazing, even considering that the mainstream media currently is agenda-driven and is primarily a shill for Obamessiah’s administration. There’s no argument with a newspaper’s editorial position on anything, but to display in the “news section,” such as it is anymore regarding the bylined opinion pieces passing as news, flagrant misrepresentations of the truth is simply intolerable.

On the front-page-above-the-fold of the Lexington Herald-Leader (Lexington, Ky., a McClatchy paper) was this headline on 11 September: Speech bolsters Democrats, while the sub-head said this: But GOP not budging on health care reform. The article bore two bylines, so it was news as interpreted by two gurus courtesy of the New York Times News Service. The article was a mixture of what was happening and why, but the sub-head is the thing that caught attention in this corner.

The sub-head was designed to make it appear that the republicans are somehow Obama’s problem with regard to getting his legislation passed in the interest of mandating that the government completely take over the nation’s health care. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Both the Senate and the House are overwhelmingly controlled by democrats, so the republicans are virtually powerless in stopping any legislation the president can convince his own party’s lawmakers to pass. The repubs can slow the process somewhat by using the “rules” of both houses that are designed to create delays (and used by either party as situations demand), but can’t actually stop the democrats from doing whatever they like.

On the same front page was a picture and an account concerning South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson, who simply told the president during the speech that the president was lying, admittedly an inappropriate time for calling out Obama. In the first section of the 12 September issue was another picture and story concerning Wilson, this time with the “outraged” democrats ready to try to make the congressman apologize in the august chamber, notwithstanding that he had already apologized to the Anointed One.

In neither of these accounts was a recounting of the charge made publicly by Senate Majority Leader Reid a while back that President George Bush was a liar. Indeed, Reid has made it a point to never have apologized and has emphasized that fact publicly. So…where does that leave either the newspaper or the democrats? In La-La-Land, of course, where they survive most of the time! The duplicity is thick enough to cut with a knife but the solons thrive on duplicity and think nothing of their collective disingenuousness, putting them in the same class as the newspaper. The elites involved in both Congress and the world of toxic type consider the hoi polloi too ignorant to catch on…and in this they err grievously. The folks out in the boonies are not that dumb.

Consider a significant news item, perhaps the most important of 11 September, to wit, the cutting off by the government as an integral part of the census-process next year of the “community-organizer” front for George Soros and the ultra-liberal wing of the Democrat party known as ACORN, the outfit President Obama once represented in his law practice. ACORN allegedly turned in 400,000 false voter registrations last year and four of its representatives have just been fired (probably for only a short time, if at all), having been caught on tape for advising on how to secure house-loans for whorehouses operated by teenage illegal immigrants and avoiding paying taxes in the process.

This should have been the stuff of editorials today (12 September) in Lexington (and everywhere else), but there were no editorials or opinion pieces…in fact, no editorial or op-ed page at all, unless a handful of political cartoons and “letters to the editor” qualify. ACORN has been granted millions of federal dollars for its “housing effort,” such as the one noted above, over the last few years but, even more egregiously, it has been handed $8.5 BILLION of the Stimulus Package, the president working his will on a bankrupt treasury to advance ACORN’s nefarious enterprises. There will be no outrage in the mainstream media concerning ACORN, and that’s why the public holds the media in such deep disdain.

The disingenuousness of the media is reflected in or reflected by the president. Already campaigning, apparently his only concept of the presidency, for the health-care plan that isn’t, he appeared in Minnesota on the twelfth to spout statistics of gloom and doom. The mainstream media follow his every move, never mind that exchanging campaigning for the hard work of running the government is folly. Air Force One hardly cools off between campaign trips. It’s almost as if he’s starting early for 2012.

Perhaps the term “disingenuous” is too mild for the term “lie,” with regard to Obama’s promise that there would be no kangaroo courts for CIA agents. He can say the new machinery for doing the opposite is Attorney General Holder’s idea (that new evidence thing, of course), but no one believes that. The effort, if not to indict since that probably would be hard to accomplish account revealing evidence too sensitive to be used as well as no “smoking gun” anyway, could bankrupt folks unable to pay the millions to defense attorneys. Revenge, in other words! Actually, Obama is so out of touch with the general public that he doesn’t realize that most folks don’t care what’s done short of injury or death to the jihad-Muslims in order to protect this country, in the first place.

The mainstream media backs him up, of course…horrors over water-boarding that neither injures nor kills. After all, it’s that disingenuous thing. The wise journalists would beat a poor jihadist to death in order to save their loved ones, but they dare not print that. Too disingenuous!