Democrat Soap Opera

The best soap opera of an afternoon’s titillation could not match the current democratic leadership and presidential candidates for sheer entertainment value. Nor could any political organization or PAC match the mainstream media for sheer silliness in its treatment of national/world events as it propagandizes as the Democrat Party’s advertising agency and policy-wonk institution.

The best story in the country on 19 October involved Betty Casey’s purchase on E-bay for $2,100,100 of the famous Limbaugh “smear-letter” written by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (and signed by 40 other senators, among whom were all four democrat president wannabes) to Mark Mays, head honcho of the outfit broadcasting Limbaugh’s daily talk-show, in an effort to embarrass Limbaugh, who matched Casey’s bid, meaning that $4,200,200 was contributed to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization in New Jersey that provides scholarships and other assistance to families of marines and federal law enforcement officials who die or are wounded in the line of duty.

This amount, collected in less than a week, equaled 81% of all contributions made last year to the organization. ABC Nightly News, with Charlie Gibson in the august anchor-chair, was tuned in by this corner to see how this scintillating bit of news would be handled, since ABC is a democrat media machine and letter-signers Reid, Clinton, Biden, Obama and Dodd had made buffoons of themselves. Predictably, this best story of the day was totally ignored. Instead, the viewer was treated to a chit-chat (with “virtual” graphics) by Gibson and ABC correspondent Martha Raddatz regarding the Israelis’ bombing of something-or-other in Syria, a subject about which neither knew anything of substance, but implied clearly that the U.S. (gasp and three palpitations!!!) was involved, apparently by not stopping such a terrible thing. Laughter abounded in this corner.

Even more off-the-wall was Reid’s speech on the Senate floor in which he took credit for the great gift to the non-profit. Only a few days before, he had delivered a seven-minute speech – again on the floor of the “greatest deliberative body in the world” – castigating Limbaugh for insulting the troops, something Limbaugh had never done, in the first place. Reid has claimed for months that the Iraq War is lost, thus delivering the penultimate insult to the troops, but can’t seem to realize how silly that makes him look. With the world going to hell in a hand-basket and serious problems to address everywhere, Reid and the prez-wannabes spend their time with utter foolishness. That’s sad, not laughable! Reid was even sillier in his first speech when he mentioned that Limbaugh had never been in the military, since he, too, has never worn the uniform.

Then, there’s the strange “Hillary happenings” of late. She reckoned in an appearance before the congressional black caucus the other day that the government should give $5,000 to each baby when she/he escapes the womb to face a cruel world. Since about 4,000,000 babes arrive each year, that works out to some $20 billion in just the first year. Later over in Iowa, she allowed that it would be a good idea to give every earner a $1,000 tax-cut per year in behalf of her/his IRA. This amounts to more than the baby-boon (up to $25 billion), but she would pay for it with higher estate taxes. She’s famously said it takes a village to raise a child; now, she seems to think it takes the dead to raise retirement. That’s unfair, since the dead can’t defend themselves, and the inheritors can just eat cake. Hillary thinks Uncle Sugar should take care at the beginning and the end – ALPHA & OMEGA!

For someone who was against the war after she was for it, Clinton has strayed from the party line lately, actually supporting President Bush’s position that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard should be declared a terrorist organization and even went so far as to say that drastic measures should be employed by this country if the nation’s oil supply is threatened, meaning, of course (a deep gasp!), that the IRG (Ahmadinejad’s thugs) might have to be “neutralized,” implying something worse than “water-boarding” and giving the president authority to act without congressional meddling, in the bargain. Now that’s soap opera at its most titillating!

Well…after all, Cinderhillary has to put some distance between her and the seven dwarves who are snapping at her high-heels, Obama even taking off his flag-pin in a show of patriotism, and Edwards, well-coifed on a regular basis, pushing a health-plan to give away more than hers will. Biden is still screaming for a three-way partitioning of Iraq, as if that were possible, while Gravel just screams…nothing in particular. Richardson would be yanking the troops home with all current haste, knowing full well that even if elected (now there IS a laugh) he could do nothing until 2009. So…Reid and gang, PLEASE keep up the soap opera…at least until O.J. goes on trial again!