by James L. Clark

A couple or so years ago, I put together something called Democrats & Other Suspects 2004-08, a book concerned with the time-frame bounded by the presidential election-years 2004 and 2008. Pundits and self-appointed Internet blog-meisters had had a field-day with political stuff during that period, this writer included. The material in that book had been taken from the author's Web-site, beginning in 2004 not long before the election that year and continuing through 2008. It was a sort of chronological look at the process/cycle, using imaginary conversations among mostly the democrat candidates and their henchmen (okay, henchwomen, too, for the sake of diversity, the current social god) but also among other folks such as politicians, fictional characters, and terrorists. In the mix was a series of imaginary memos dispatched by the Democratic National Committee chairman beginning in early 2005. Various other things such as imaginary letters and memos by other people and at least one imaginary sermon and one terrible imaginary poem were included. They dealt almost exclusively with the democrats and terrorists, assuming that there's a difference, of course (only kidding).
This book is an attempt at the same sort of thing done essentially in the same way although there are a few serious essays this time around, as well. It’s designed to invoke the readers’ month-by-month memory (at least of those who have paid attention) of the political scene from November 2008 through January 2011 hopefully from the standpoint of humor and with virtually exclusive attention to what the democrat big-shots were up to. Okay…the whipping-boys (whipping-girls, too, recognizing diversity) in this book are the democrats though republicans are susceptible deservedly to the same treatment by any writer who cares to bother. All the players in all the political parties (or none) seem to take themselves far too seriously, but that doesn’t mean that the citizens have to take them the same way. This doesn’t mean that the apparatchiks should be treated cavalierly…simply that they should be neither worshiped nor thought to be oracles. They’re just human. Anyway, it’s all in good fun!

This book can be secured from this site: DEMOCRAT WORLD 2008-10 and shortly from Amazon.

ISBN: 978-1-257-09798-2