Degradation in High Places

The bane of democratic governance is comprised of incompetence or corruption or both, with an insidious political correctness damning every facet of the system, largely the reason for both of the above. This accounts in large part for the currently obvious decline of the U.S. as both a world leader and an institution free of the acceptance of perversion as normal. The unrelenting necessities for good governance are integrity and respect for both body and mind.

In the animal world there are “protected species,” not to be abused or otherwise disadvantaged. In U.S. society, at least two large species are protected—women and African-Americans. Political correctness, backed often by laws that are sometimes patently un-Constitutional, was never more in evidence than in the presidential election of 2008. A woman and an African- American (his self-identification) contended in the democrat primary, with the latter winning the nomination.

Since neither a woman nor a black had ever run for the office, political correctness demanded that it was time for one or the other to be elected, no matter if he/she lacked the sense to get in out of the rain. The candidates were like two peas in a pod politically and philosophically—socialists to the core…nothing to make either distinctive—with both raising tons of money and accusing the other of being unready to be president. In this, they were both right, sharing the same degree of incompetence.

The Congress and courts composed of a cross-section of the populace supposedly with enough members of sound minds to keep an errant president from wrecking the country are currently also damned by political correctness, incompetence, and opportunism to an extent unbelievable in modern times. The result is transparently obscene. No one is minding the store.

The main loser is integrity. The abilities of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to lie are unparalleled in officialdom. They stood in the Rose Garden and purposefully lied with regard to the Benghazi massacre, and Obama even advanced the lie to the UN two weeks later. Both knew the truth but had the automatic reflex many politicians share—LIE when caught. Clinton made up a tale in 2008 regarding her desperate escape from snipers in Bosnia in 1996, a humongous lie revealed in actual TV footage. Incompetent…or dumb?

Obama’s subterfuge vis-à-vis the so-called Affordable Care Act (no lost coverage) was matched only by that of some Congress-people. No republican in either house voted for ACA. It was passed by democrats on Christmas Eve night 2010, despite the fact that virtually no legislator had read the bill. That was dishonesty taken to a new low-level. Then-Majority Leader Pelosi proclaimed that no one would know what was in the Act until it was passed…and she was right. She probably still doesn’t know what’s in the Act.

While running for reelection throughout 2009-2012, the president knowingly (unless plainly stupid) lied through his teeth repeatedly and often that no one would lose his/her insurance as a result of ACA. To tell the truth would have deep-sixed his chances for staying in office. This narcissistic, arrogant, in-your-face, public deviousness is intolerable in any official, much less the president. It’s grounds for impeachment even though teleprompters do not place their puppets under oath. The republican-controlled House is too timid to act account fearing racism tag.

Obama has either lied, been ignorant or devious concerning Fast-and-Furious, the IRS scandals, Solyndra payoffs, Benghazi, ACA, Libya invasion, Syria, and even approved infanticide, lying to himself that the partial-birth victim was no more than an exposed appendix. One of his early acts in office in 2009 was to conspire with Senator Durbin to deny Obama’s vacated Senate seat to the man who under the requirements of both the U.S. and Illinois Constitutions was appointed (physically locked out at one time), not that Obama had spent much time in that seat.

Morally, the president became an even emptier suit when he “evolved” from his marriage position (one man, one woman) in 2008 to his enlightened position in 2012—let the homosexuals get legally married and sponge to the greatest possible extent off the government…and make real whoopee. When perversion grips a nation, it’s doomed, just like old Rome and Greece, not to mention Sodom and Gomorrah—God’s justice.

When historians look at the Obama record some day they will discover unbelievably inept, even malicious, governance in his attempt to drag this great country into perversion, socialism and worse.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark