De-Masculinity & the U.S.

As the government is methodically taking over key industries and financial institutions, the people's attention is being diverted to – what else – diversity, the be-all and end-all of the social agenda that has been driven for some 30-40 years by the so-called liberals, with women's militant feminist organizations in the vanguard. The term diversity has been primarily utilized as remarking ethnic/gender considerations, but actually it has been code for the term "de-masculinity," applied mostly to white Anglo-Saxon males…and within an entirely pejorative framework.

In the local paper, the Lexington Herald-Leader of Lexington, Ky., on 31 May was a diagram on the editorial page remarking the 110 Supreme Court justices who have served since the beginning of the nation – two black males, two white females, and 106 white males. The point was being made that the time had come for a Latina woman to take a seat on the Court, notwithstanding whether or not she could even spell her middle name. In a speech a few years ago, the current nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, made it plain that a Latina woman would make better decisions than any white male, thus exhibiting her feminist/gender bona fides for the job. This, of course, was a racist statement but the president and his coterie have been "explaining" (spinning) how she could not possibly have meant this.

This is but the latest example of the emasculating of the government, the castration of it insofar as actions/responsibilities of white males are concerned. Sotomayor, in an appeals court case that she has just handled, heaved and brought forth the opinion that promotions in a fire department should go to minorities, even though they scored lower than a number of white males on the required tests. This decision, then, gave her the added ethnic bona fides to further the affirmative action agenda, no matter the degree and kind of reverse-discrimination involved. The highest scorers were white males, thus, in Sotomayor's thinking, they would not make good decisions…OR…she has an agenda, not a bent toward interpreting the Constitution. Either way, Omamessiah should look for someone else, maybe a left-handed, one-legged, ex-con female from Lower Slobbovia…to give DIVERSITY to the Court.

There are coincidences. The first judge to rule against the whites was a woman. Two of the three appeals judges, including Sotomayor, who upheld her ruling were women. The case went to the SCOTUS and a ruling will be out in June. The appeals court ruling was not even a detailed, signed opinion, just a summary essentially saying, "We agree but won't explain why from a legal standpoint." Apparently, the Baake case of 1978 went right by these folks. One can only laugh when wondering what would have happened if the discrimination suit had been brought by either blacks or women. White males are toast in the new social order, having as a feature some sort of special bona fides by both women and Governor Schwarzenegger's "girly-men."

Women out-populate men in law schools by a rather wide margin and seem to slowly and surely be taking over the courts (even the TV fiascoes) and the justice-system itself. And why not? Judges make good money and can have regular hours. Being a judge provides an ideal situation for particularly a married woman. There's no argument with a woman's right to a judgeship, but to argue that her gender is a main qualifier for the job is bogus and exhibits a contempt for men, especially white men, that is unconscionable.

This speaks to the larger question, however, that involves the gradual feminizing of government, including even the military, where mixing of the sexes in duty stations is and always has been detrimental to overall proficiency, though this will never be enunciated officially even by military leaders, especially white males, who now understand that DIVERSITY trumps plain common sense.

Lost in the shuffle is the fact that the nation, from its inception to the present, has rapidly become the world's only superpower and virtual guarantor of freedom for whole nations as the direct result of the leadership of white males, not perfect white males but by white males who have learned from mistakes, made humongous strides in effecting social justice, and have the results to vindicate their actions, taken as a whole, including in the courts.

These white males are the embodiment of Western Civilization, now in disrepute everywhere from churches to universities as the "enlightened" ones embrace shallowness in everything from governance to religion to the arts. This shallowness is abundantly evident in Washington in both the administration and the Congress, though white males still – but probably not for long – are in the majority there. Often, they seem thoroughly cowed by both the militant feminists and the socialists, such as Obamessiah and his Keystone Kops who, if they aren't stopped soon, will wreck this country.

This may sound like the ranting of an old, old curmudgeon – which it is – but actually that might give it some validity. Anyone who's been around a while has watched this country in its gradual slide over the last 40 years into mediocrity, as the white male has given up more and more of the turf he's designed and implemented and for which he's fought…and that turf is actually the result of everything he's done from make laws to adjudicate laws to going out and giving his blood in battle areas throughout the world to make it all work.

All this may sound chauvinistic. If so – so be it. It isn't meant to be anti-anything, including the great distaff side of the equation. It's merely an observation of the culture…or, perhaps more accurately, the fact that the people most responsible for this nation are losing the culture war.