The epitome of jackassery was reached the other day when President Barack Hussein Obama looked down from the podium during yet another of his dull speeches and smirked at the president of Kenya as he lectured him on the need to glorify homosexuality, as he has done in the U.S, for the practice of which behavior-wise a participant is granted 14 years in the hoosegow in Kenya. It is also a crime in over 30 African nations, third-world populations that have not as yet entered, as Obama and the U.S. have, the 21st century.

To add further insult as the premier Ugly-American, he stared at the Kenyan president and lectured him as to the evils and consequences of corruption. Though he never lets slide an opportunity to remind everyone that he is the commander-in-chief, he didn't recognize in that act of stupidity his own broadly corrupt approach to matters in the U.S., such as the persecution of people with whom he doesn't agree by using the IRS to put them out of business. Or, what about the humongous lie he told even the survivors, personally, regarding what caused the Benghazi Massacre? He is indeed the Corrupter-in- Chief, those acts perfidious in the extreme.

Or, what about the equally humongous lie he told the American public regarding the healthcare law he got passed through the architecture of MIT's Gruber—generator of the BIG LIE and originator of the term for lying as “grubering?” Then, there was the time that he and fellow thugs Senator Durbin and Senator Reid attempted to deny the Senate-seat he vacated to the man constitutionally mandated both Federally and state-wise to receive it. The three disgraceful elected officials, hypocrites without equals and lawless to the nth degree, were unsuccessful but never bothered to apologize, at least to my knowledge.

Obama's hangup with Kenya (he claimed to be Kenyan-American) is that 83% of its citizens claim to be Christians, while the prez, as shown lately with his obeisance to Ramadan, has made every effort to see that the evils of Islam must never be mentioned as such, even when Muslim terrorists acting—as they always do quite publicly in behalf of Allah—burn, torture, behead and otherwise violate innocent and vulnerable people all over the world; this, though homosexuals are absolutely condemned even in Islam, the tradition to which he was born but urged Kenya to accept as normal. Disgusting!

He had a great time ridiculing the Kenyan president in front of his relatives, referring to himself as the first Kenyan-American president to visit Kenya. One can only be glad that he didn't refer to himself as the first Kansan-American president, which would have been appropriate since his mother was born and raised in Kansas, but, of course, she was white and he always references himself as African-American, black, disrespecting his own mother and, more especially, his white grandmother, who raised him and whom he labeled as the “typical white person,” a derogatory pronouncement, as he meant it to be.

When Obama, bypassing Congress and both the U.S. Constitution and the War Powers Act, ordered decent American military operatives to bomb the bejesus out of Libyans for seven months, murdering no one has ever said how many, he should have been impeached in 2011, as he should have been concerning the huge LIES he has told throughout his terms.

Indeed, he is the Corrupter-in-Chief.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark