Correct Osama Pix

Irony with regard to the antics of President Obama just multiplies. At his direction, no pix of the dearly departed Osama in his shroud could be shown else there would be increased violence to the U.S. and the whole world by hordes of furious Muslim men standing in line to sign up for whatever jihad activity is available or designed by bin Laden before he was wasted. Nor is the irony lessened by the many conflicting reports by the administration that have been foisted on the public to the point of enhancing glazed eyes and jaws agape.

Instead, Obama is releasing pix designed, whether knowingly or not, to make Osama appear in a seedy bedroom to be everything from a hair-dyeing, narcissistic gigolo to a doddering old gray-bearded fool with an attention span so short that he operates his TV remote every two seconds to either change stations or just have fun pushing the little button. The jihad crowd might have appreciated fantasizing its leader cavorting with the 72 virgins in Paradise and, being all shot up, enhancing world opinion of Islam as bloody and fearless. The current effort insults and supposedly infuriates the jihadists more than ever.

Now, sadly, it develops that Osama didn’t even reach for his AK-47 to make the fight, thus automatically making himself ineligible for the virgin-scene. Obama apparently has not considered that making Osama go out as a woman (chattel) instead of a man indicates a putdown of the world’s most worshiped Muslim…enough to infuriate the jihadists into a hissy fit of screaming temper-tantrums and all-around ill humor profound enough to make them actually angry, not that it matters since they couldn’t hate this country any more than if Obama himself had done the chopper number.

Even worse, the only person in Obama’s bedroom to challenge the SEALs was a woman, who was shot in the leg for her trouble. Of course, there have been so many versions of the affair placed before the public by various administration officials that just the ambiguities are enough to make even the American public mad, to say nothing of the Muslims, who probably consider the whole pattern of contradictions done on purpose just to humiliate them all the more…Muslims not even being worth the trouble of truth-telling.

CIA Director Panetta reckoned publicly that the “death” pictures would be shown. Obama nixed that with the silly excuse noted. Americans had a right to see that account. State Secretary Clinton has praised the cooperation of Pakistan (whether for this caper or not unknown here). Panetta made it clear publicly that the Pakistanis knew nothing of the operation, which he apparently had planned and set up long before it was pulled off. Otherwise, it would have needed days or weeks to get up and running after a presidential okay was given. By that time, Osama could have been warned (maybe by a U.S. player).

This, of course, points to the claims/accounts that are all over the Internet of what actually happened and, if only partly true, indicate a virtually incomprehensible White House bizarreness that would lead one to consider the president as “leading from behind” (if at all), something of which the president is already accused in his “Libya Caper.” Plainly, he and his gang initiated that blood-letting affair and then just stepped away, virtually washing its collective hands of the whole mess.

One thing is certain, to wit, that every effort is being made to assure the public, regardless of the actual circumstances, that Obama was tough, rough and ready to do the necessaries. Obama has said publicly that there was only a 45-55% chance that Osama was in the raided compound. If that was the case, one can bet his military and intelligence advisers would have said the operation was too iffy to take a chance, especially in terms of the danger to the SEALs. It’s practically a lead-pipe-cinch that the CIA was virtually 100% sure that Osama was where he was apprehended. Does the White House believe the public is exponentially gullible?

If the public has been sold a bill of goods in the accounts furnished thus far, the truth will eventually come out. It might take a while, especially during the quadrennial electoral silly season, but, especially since someone might already be talking (and very convincingly), the truth will come out. If and when that happens, citizen-angst will build. It would be much better for the White House to handle this matter now, else a book next year like the one that helped sink John Kerry in 2004 could be devastating for Obama.

The wagons may have been circled but the proper attack could be calamitous. The supreme irony would have been seen in the capture of bin Laden. No enhanced interrogation now, so no info from him! Nowhere to put him except Guantanamo, which is not supposed to even exist now, by order of…yeah…Obama. Osama had to die.