War in Copenhagen?

Predictably, thereís a war brewing at the magnificent Copenhagen Climate Conference at which the powers-that-be from the UN member-nations are attempting to decide just how much each country will not be allowed to contaminate the atmosphere any longer, thus saving the planet from global warming and thus saving both it and therefore people from extinction, meaning that people can count on perpetuating their races from now until time immemorial. The hassle has to do with the so-called developing nations being short-changed by the developed nations, actually a modern byproduct of the colonial era.

Just as is the case in the United States vis-a-vis Obamaís crusade as outlined in his campaign having to do with the proper redistribution of wealth, itís all about money, the have-nots accusing the haves of mistreating them in the amounts of greenhouse gases (mostly just carbon dioxide) that can be emitted from wherever ghg is emitted, thus curtailing national ambitions regarding industrialization. Their complaint, based on a Danish-government-prepared document, ironically, is probably valid but certainly not surprising.

The notion that any industrialized nation, including the U.S., ever intends to honor whatever requirements are mandated is entirely off-the-wall, especially in a time of economic distress as is now and will be the case for a long time. Indeed, the very underpinning of any communist or despot-run nation such as China or North Korea or most Middle East nations is deception, first practiced on its own people and then on the rest of the world. The underpinning of most democracies has to do with their citizens having the privilege to be free to work and strive for the good life. This will not be forfeited, thus the books may be cooked.

Hanging over the entire shooting-match, of course, is perhaps the greatest fraud since the non-aggression pact signed by Germanyís Adolph Hitler and Russiaís Joseph Stalin in August 1939. The supreme irony lies in the fact that the perpetrators of the false documents central to the UN-IPCCís global warming fiasco managed to expose themselves rather than being exposed by other parties. Notwithstanding their world acclaim vis-a-vis expertise in things scientific, they actually didnít realize something fundamental to modern times, i.e., that e-mails, even if supposedly erased, can be either exposed before erasure or retrieved by other experts. The perpetrators in this case urged erasures of willfully constructed misrepresentations but they were too late.

The simple truth is that manmade global warming is a hoax. It doesnít happen. Warming-cooling cycles have been a staple of history, with no regard to the circumstances/efforts of people at given periods. According to an IPCC chart and taking a base line of zero, the average global temperature in about 1150 during the Medieval Warm Period stood at 6.5. At about the year 1650 during the Little Ice Age, the temperature stood at about 2. Now, the temperature stands at about 4.5, making it about halfway between those two extremes involving periods of no industrialization, meaning that the planet has properties not affected by people, no matter how much they think they can change it.

The Copenhagen clambake, then, has little or nothing to do with science but everything to do with national and international politics. This is clearly seen currently/nationally in the U.S. President Obama, notwithstanding approval by the House of Representatives earlier this year of cap-and-trade legislation no congressman had read, is nevertheless leaning on the Environmental Protection Agency to do his bidding, knowing full well that the Senate will not join the House in drastic measures designed to kill industry, explode taxes out of sight, and make the recession exponentially worse...even though the planet is not only not dying but has been cooling for the last ten years, with further cooling predicted for some time.

Unless the president is just dumb, he must have a reason for actions not based on sound science. The nationís industries are perpetually bogged down in regulations that are unneeded but raise the cost of everything. This is not to say that regulations should not be in place (and they are) for local benefits, such as cutting down on pollutants like dust or carbon monoxide (car exhausts) or various gases. The climate, however, is beyond manís control so one can only wonder why the official U.S. line parrots that of the U.N., namely, that people are killing their abode.

Killing commercial and individual incentives is a precursor to establishing socialism, and this seems to be the intent of the administration, with a complicit Congress either willing or just dumb Ė an unconscionable power-grab. Internationally, cap-and-trade, which has already created tremendous problems in Europe, will drive this country, the greatest industrialized nation in the world, to the lowest common denominator. Copenhagen is a colossal fiasco. Even Al Gore, the poster-person of the doomsday crowd, has reneged. That just about says it all.