Copenhagen as SHAM!

State Secretary Clinton has ameliorated some of the hard feelings in Copenhagen by promising that the U.S. will ante up its share so that the developing nations will be collecting at least $100 billion a year one of these days from, supposedly, the developed nations. China and India are regarded, at least vis-a-vis the Kyoto Treaty, as developing nations, so her “suggestion” that these countries participate as benefactors is laughable. The money is earmarked to be used by each of the beneficiaries in their handling of climate-change, whatever that means. For instance, just what would the folks in the Congo do to either affect climate-change or forestall it? The Republic of Congo the Congo is more than eight times the size of Denmark but has a gross domestic product 15 times smaller, with populations of four and 5.5 million, respectively. Get it?

The Copenhagen clambake has comprised the mother of all charades. The notion that all the VIPs from governments everywhere who have flown in on their jets and lived the lavish convention-life for a few days would actually achieve anything is taken seriously only by the moon-bats, defined as unthinking or insane leftists. The premise upon which the conference is based, i.e., that man is inducing global warming and thereby endangering the earth – people, animals, real estate – has been proven to be so flawed that this gathering should have been canceled. It has become a huge joke, just as profound as the joke of President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, which he himself admitted in Oslo to be at least problematic.

Well...Speaker Pelosi appears in Copenhagen, as well as Congressmen Henry Waxman and Charles Rangel, at this time the highest-profile income tax cheat in the U.S. (as well as 18 other House members, mostly democrats), so Copenhagen must be important for something. Indeed, President Obama appears, perhaps hoping for better success than he had in Copenhagen the other day to make sure the Olympics of some future year will be held in Chicago. Out of four entries, the U.S. came in fourth; however, the president did find 25 minutes for General McChrystal to fly in from London and confer with him.

The developing nations need help in fighting disease, especially HIV/AIDS, and for other far more pressing elements such as clean water, hospitals, schools, etc. Common sense indicates that no third-world country has either the means to effect climate or even a reason to be concerned about it. Irrefutable evidence points to the fact that global temperatures have been declining for ten years and are projected to decline for quite some time yet, just part of the cycles that have been in place since the beginning of the earth, at least as far as the experts are concerned. For instance, in the 1650s, the earth, according to the climatologists, was much colder than it is now, but was much warmer in the 1150s, during both of which eras there was no industrialization taking place, unless one supposes horse-drawn wagons to be the same as 18-wheelers.

The U.S. and other countries have wasted billions of dollars already on the global-warming matter. It would appear that warming that occurred during the 1980s-90s resulted from a variance in the sun’s relationship to earth, something that no scientist can affect. The current cooling trend is in place despite an increase in greenhouse gases, a complete mystery to the experts who have conjured up the so-called “manmade global warming” non-entity.

The recently released e-mails passing back and forth among these latest “experts,” especially those connected to the UN-IPCC, have self-indicated their perfidy in making up statistics to prove something that isn’t happening. Plainly, they have misled the public; consequently, the main honcho of the group is no longer at the head of the CRU in Great Britain, while the American counterpart in the mix is being investigated by his own university, Penn State. What these men have done is unconscionable but despite all the latest reliable research proving their big lie, not to mention their own e-mailed self-incrimination, the U.S. and other nations have bought into this scam and made a sham of Copenhagen. This, too, is unconscionable.

In the mix is the fact that the U.S. is bankrupt and is in no financial shape to do anything...nor should it, both because there is no climatic emergency and the fact that the U.S. has shouldered the burden inordinately in the fight against terrorism since 2001 in terms of both blood and treasure, making the rest of the world safer and removing a far worse threat than a climate-change, even if one existed.

Third-world populations throughout the world are already choked by Islamic-controlled terroristic governments and should realize that their fight is being waged by mostly this country, though a handful of other nations have contributed, especially Britain and commonwealth nations. Americans are dying every day in this fight while a gaggle of international politicians haggle in Copenhagen about the extent to which the U.S. can be brought to its knees, with U.S. officials – even the president – complicit. This is shameful.

Climate-change has never been about climate. It is strictly a UN-configured international political monster designed to take from some nations and give what is taken to others for reasons that are beyond comprehension. A hundred billion dollars a year – remarked as chickenfeed in Copenhagen – for what? Exactly what will any undeveloped nation do to chill the earth? Absolutely nothing! Disgusting! Will there be an agreement/resolution at Copenhagen? Yes! Will it mean anything? Of course not!