Obama/Collins...Odd Couple

People do strange things sometimes—like killing folks or running around naked or writing garbage—to gain that traditional fifteen minutes of fame. Now, it’s fashionable to do strange things—like preferring anal and oral “intercourse” to the usual boring type—to gain fifteen minutes of shame…and to be the first to do it, in the instant case Jason Collins, the NBA player who has just (fanfare, please) “come out” to the public as the first NBA homosexual. To make it even better, he is the first BLACK NBA player to gain that fifteen minutes of shame. How much better could it get?

Well…that fifteen minutes of shame was good enough to elicit a phone call of congratulations (three fanfares and a drum-roll, please) from – you guessed it – President Obama, who may be hoping at this very moment that one of his daughters will be a certified lesbian, worthier than ever of his attention. He may even be playing matchmaker by now…looking for perhaps an NFL first-timer – red, yellow, black, white or otherwise – in the interests of a marriage made in TV-land just for Collins and whomever. One hopes that the prez – in his state of shared euphoria with Collins – does not conjure up the fortitude—matching that of Collins—to declare war not just on Syria but the entire Middle East. If Collins can cross a “red line,” why can’t he?

Collins said he wanted to be genuine and authentic and truthful. Well…okay, but who cares? He most likely has a liver and spleen no one has seen (but maybe a doc) so why does he believe anyone cares to know what sexual orientation he thinks he has. To air out an anomaly—being s-o-o-o proudly different—can have only one motive and it has nothing to do with being genuine and authentic and truthful. It has only to do with an in-your-face arrogance that’s deplorable. People like the president believe people like Collins (and a lot of Hollywood-types) have such a pronounced sophistication as homosexuals that their superiority (and courage…oh, yeah) simply must be recognized. Egad! One finds courage on a battlefield or in a burning house, not in a jock locker-room.

One hopes that Collins doesn’t have the same affliction as Tiger Woods, i.e., sex-addiction. If that should be the case, locker rooms all over the country will be wild places. Of course, Woods got help, though maybe he was just doing what comes naturally to folks like him and former NBA player Wilt Chamberlain, who claimed in his biography that he’d had sex with approximately 20,000 women, or 1.5 per day. Then, there was NBA star Magic Johnson, who gave promiscuity and adultery brand new meanings by taking HIV home to his family. That cost him his basketball career, but Collins has been awarded the president’s imprimatur, so what’s to lose? Maybe there’s something in the Gatorade at NBA games.

Collins is a cipher in this matter. He could claim to actually be a recovering transvestite with three sex-change operations and two aborted babies conceived with an orangutan and…so what! His act, but far more importantly the president’s act, marks a crudeness and coarseness that are taking over in this country and damning it to a hollowed-out carcass similar to ancient Rome’s. Obama is on the record as favoring partial-birth abortions (murder). He campaigned with Sandra Fluke of poverty-driven-condom-less-women fame (or at least law students), a patently stupid and condescending bid to gain the women’s vote, which he already had locked-up.

What’s so special about being a pervert that it simply must be announced to the world? Should straight folks do the same, i.e., “come out” in magazines or press conferences? Naw…there would be no celebrity status in that since 99.99% of people are heterosexual, making them too unsophisticated to demand attention. The president, in his glorification of Collins, was telling all the eighth-graders to get hip and have real fun. The girls in Middle School are now doubly encouraged to fornicate prolifically and just sashay on down to the drug-store and get some pills. It’s all part of Planned Parenthood (otherwise known as Abortion Heaven) but actually encourages planned un-parenthood. This is the outfit the president has just acclaimed to the high heavens—his gang.

As for Collins…maybe he can go back to Massachusetts, the land of Barney Frank (pimp for “partner”) and Gerry Studds (RIP), who did congressional pages, and run for an office. He couldn’t lose, not in Massachusetts.