Clinton - Nanny to the World

This is from Bloomberg of 28 March 2011: “‘No’,” [State Secretary] Clinton said when asked on the CBS program ‘Face the Nation’ if the U.S. would intervene in Syria’s unrest.”

This is what State Secretary Clinton said in Rabat, Morocco, on 26 February 2012: “Syrians in the military and business who still support President Bashar al-Assad should turn against him. The longer you support the regime’s campaign of violence against your brothers and sisters, the more it will stain your honor.”

She apparently went from making a statement in a press conference to speaking directly to selected people in Syria, about 3,000 miles away, much as a schoolmarm might have done in a one-room school out in the boondocks circa 1905. She had dropped in on official business (groundbreaking for a new embassy) in Rabat after starting yet another “tour” in Tunisia and also hitting Algeria in an apparent effort to further lionize the “Arab Spring” uprisings of last year, which began in Tunisia.

While the secretary continues her life as guest of the U.S. Air Force, spending about as much time being pandered-to in their huge planes as on the ground most anywhere but Washington, she represents what probably 99% of the people in the Muslim world (maybe the whole world) would call the “ugly American.”

The idea that she should lecture anyone in Syria concerning violence is her way of telling the Syrians that they’re too dumb to remember that her president, without any constitutional or otherwise legal authorization declared war on Libya last March (same month she was sanitizing Assad) and began systematically killing Libyan women and children ostensibly because Qaddafi was doing what Assad is doing, i.e., trying to protect his turf in the only way Muslims expect, to wit, killing other Muslims, with victory going to whoever is left standing.

This would be comedic if it weren’t so serious. One has the feeling that everyone from tinhorn dictators throughout the world to Olde-Europe’s well-educated but unbelievably misled bureaucrats/citizens is laughing behind Clinton’s back and wondering why her president spends about all his time campaigning (enjoying the almost daily hospitality of Air Force #1 at taxpayers’ expense) instead of showing his presumed superior intelligence by actually impressing…just anyone, or getting anything done about the miserable recession that’s still in place.

Obama and Clinton are in a box built by themselves regarding Syria, all their words now, as the apostle Paul would have it, as “sounding brass.” Libya had an army of 76,000, a pushover for a few units of SEALS. Assad has 295,000 active troops. If Obama was not willing to put “boots on the ground” (just kill ’em from the air) in Libya, does anyone believe he will wax serious about Syria? Of course not, but in predictable inane utterance he has told Assad that he has to go. One suspects he is not willing this election year to con NATO into more atrocious behavior while “leading from behind” in order to make that happen.

With Americans being shot in their respective backs by Afghan soldiers, he’s busy apologizing to Karzai when he ought to have the guts to tell his military advisers to form plans immediately for precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan, whether declaring victory or not and notwithstanding anything his military gurus tell him about “winning.” This won’t happen, of course, especially since Senators, McCain, Graham and Lieberman might call him a sissy. Making war is one thing, but allowing supposed “friends” to work their will on Americans like “shooting fish in a barrel” is unacceptable.

Obama has the strange notion that civilized people can parley with uncivilized people, blatantly exhibiting this trait in glibly insisting in his campaign years ago that he would sit down with Iran’s Ahmadinejad and just make things “all well.” Muslim governments are made up of bloodthirsty uncivilized leaders who do not take a back seat to even the equally uncivilized Japanese sadist-leaders of World War II, to whom animal behavior against defenseless POWs and Chinese citizens was considered normal. Think the “Rape of Nanking” of 1937-38, with half the Chinese city’s population murdered (300,000 souls) in cold blood. Shades of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, who wasted 400,000 fellow Muslims, though it took him a bit longer!

The Obama/Clinton axis is mired in ignorance of how the Muslim jihad-mind works. Both would have been much better served in the last three years by keeping their mouths shut about the Middle East and let nature take its course, something that will happen anyway no matter how much they caterwaul. They seem to have tongues tied in the middle and loose at both ends, constantly telling this or that foreign leader exactly how to govern and exactly when to get out of Dodge.

In Obama’s case, he decided to pull a “shootout at the OK Corral” with respect to Libya, except that his side had all the guns. Disgusting!