Chickens Home to Roost

As President Obama's “spiritual adviser,” the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright, might put it, the chickens have come home to roost not in the U.S. but in Libya. Last week, the U.S.-Libyan embassy in Tripoli was closed and every American, including the U.S. Marines stationed to guard it, were evacuated, leaving a U.S. presence in that benighted country at zero.

In biblical terms, it might be said that “what the president hath given, the president hath taken away.” On 19 March 2011, Obama ordered the U.S. Air Force to start plying Libya with missiles and bombs, using, of course, “pinpoint accuracy” to assure no more collateral damage (civilian deaths and injuries) than necessary. The last bomb was dropped on 31 October, the culmination of seven months of all kinds of collateral damage, though no official of either the U.S. or NATO has bothered to even estimate, much less tally up, the carnage.

It was an Obama unilateral war until NATO was arm-wrestled into it (as per an agreement of the august UN) after the first ten days, when all of Libya's air arm had been neutralized (took four days to create a no-fly zone, the ostensible actual aim of the assault). Obama figured Qaddafi to be dead or out of the country, as Obama had commanded him, by that time, but he figured wrong. It took seven months to effect the assassination of Qaddafi, culminating in utter chaos for Libya that grows even more horrendous now.

The weapons that Obama poured into obviously the wrong Libyan hands are now used tribally in civil war except for the huge amount that landed in Syria to be used by the jihad sadists against Syria President Assad, who has essentially told Obama to take a hike. As for more of those weapons plus the ones given to and deserted by a cowardly army in Iraq, they are in the hands of ISIS, the Sharia thugs who have taken over at least a third of Iraq and are merrily killing/expelling Christians with American hardware.

Obama announced his nasty little war in Brazil on 19 March 2011, far away from D.C. and especially far away from both Defense Secretary Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen, both of whom had publicly before a Congressional committee advised against it, with Gates in Russia on that day of infamy calling it an “on-the-fly” operation, i.e., without planning or awareness of the consequences. What Obama said would last “days not weeks” lasted seven months with untold misery for Libyans.

In all of this, Congress, not even consulted let alone taking its proper position according to the Constitution and War Powers Act, was on vacation for seven months, when it should have been in impeachment mode. It's been on vacation ever since, as Obama has messed around in Syria, Israel, Palestine, etc., ignoring Congress as if it doesn't exist. Practically, it doesn't and won't unless it undergoes a makeover in November, only a slight possibility in the Senate, which is Obama's facilitator.

Ironically, the U.S furnished support to the East-Libyan gang...the Ben Ghazi crowd and location of the Ben Ghazi massacre of four Americans in 2012, culminating in perhaps the worst governmental LIE perpetrated since the Tonkin Gulf affair in Vietnam 50 years ago. Obama, State Secretary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice consciously LIED about Ben Ghazi repeatedly, Obama in even a UN speech. Disgustingly, Clinton is being ballyhooed as the next president and Rice, who would have succeeded Clinton except for the LIE she repeated on five TV-news-programs, became head of NSA.

Also ironically, Obama is pressuring Israel's Netanyahu to let up on his attempt to permanently neutralize the rocket- and tunnel-threat in Gaza account collateral damage – this in light of his totally unprovoked personal war against Libya, killing no telling how many women and children. “Pinpoint is as pinpoint does,” often not very pinpoint, to say nothing of the American-supplied weapons Libyans are using now to kill each other, a sort of past-time for Muslims anyway, as evidenced in the Sunni-Shiite mutual genocide in Muslim countries everywhere.

Obama's most pronounced achievement in six years in office has been his success in diminishing the U.S. in the eyes of the world. His wanton attack on defenseless Libya and the laughable “red-lines” in Syria and elsewhere are but a tip of the iceberg. How long, O Lord, how long?

And so it goes.
Jim Clark