The Obama/Calderon Calumny

The transformation of U.S. governance promised by President Obama during his campaign was never more in evidence than during the circumstances surrounding the visit to this country by Mexico President Felipe Calderon, who in his opening remarks to the American people castigated the state of Arizona account its recently passed immigration law, actually just a state-mandated actuation of federal law ignored by U.S. law enforcement agencies and the White House. Ironically, the federal law is harsher than the Arizona law.

Calderon may or may not have read the law. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has publicly flayed Arizona for passing such a law (un-Constitutional?) even though he admitted in a Congressional hearing the other day that he had never read the law. Itís a lead-pipe cinch the president hasnít read it, either. In fact, it seems that nobody in Congress or the Administration reads the laws handled these days Ė apparently not enough time especially in an election year when more important things such as incumbency are on the line.

More to the point, Obama joined with Calderon in that first approach to American citizens in excoriating a state legislature and governor in his own country, in which he said during his campaign that there were 57 such, though he might have been thinking of Heinz products (57 varieties) at the time, perhaps making Senator Kerry happy. One wonders if something this stupefying has ever happened before.

Even more to the point, it stands to reason that the visiting president would not have so insulted his host, the American president, unless there was some sort of collusion, i.e., that they had agreed that the insult would take place and that Obama would stand approvingly by, which is precisely what happened. In fact, Obama didnít just stand approvingly by, he vocally smirked his way through an agreement that the wicked Arizonans were entertaining (gasp and four quivers of the liver) racial profiling. Did Obama imitate Holder, speaking publicly of the legislation without ever reading the bill? Three guesses, and the first two donít count!

Insult was added to injury Ė or to insult, whichever Ė when Calderon addressed the Congress and reiterated his charge concerning the evil Arizonans, with democrats wildly applauding while republicans either sat still or didnít show, necessitating filling their seats with members of the rabble, lest it appear that ALL the Congresspersons were not properly genuflecting at the feet of a superior being. Itís a wonder that Speaker Pelosi didnít swoon and break her face. Itís a wonder that Veep Biden didnít lean over and tell Calderon that that was a big #$%^&*&^% important speech.

Calderon also launched into a tirade concerning the evil Americans who provide the guns that Mexicans use routinely to kill each other Ė some 22,700 drug-related murders since Calderon took office in late 2006, according to Reuters of 22 April 2010. Those murders would have taken place, of course, if not one gun was even manufactured in this country because hoodlums have no trouble finding guns anywhere anytime when thereís money to be made by offing the opposition or conducting a routine kidnapping, another national enterprise in Mexico.

One has to believe that Obama had also colluded with Calderon in this interesting part of the SPEECH, another insult to the Americans, especially since no Mexican is forced to procure a gun from an American or anyone else. This is no brief for gun-makers in any country, but it needs to be remarked that law-and-order have broken down almost completely in Mexico, at least vis-ŗ-vis the drug cartels, during Calderonís tenure so he needs to look to his own responsibilities in this matter, not try to shift the blame.

To be fair, it needs remarking also that Calderon has tried, using even the army, to get and maintain control. Most likely, the problem is corruption that runs so deep in Mexico that even the policemen and soldiers can never be sure about whether or not thereís a target on their respective backs. Mexico canít sustain its population; otherwise, the U.S. wouldnít have its enormous illegal-immigration problem. The Soviets built a fence through Germany and other countries to keep the people home. Calderon seems to take the position that the U.S. should take up the slack. He needs to look to his own devices and at least help with border-control.

In the final analysis, President Obama sold-out his own country in this matter, acting as a shill in behalf of gaining amnesty for Mexicans who could be counted on to join the democrats in TRANSFORMING this great country from what has made it great to what will cause its gradual slide into mediocrity. Those Congressional democrats share his guilt but hopefully the American voters will have had a bellyful by November and begin turning things around.