Cain & the Ironies

The ironies connected to politics are mesmerizing. Imagine, for instance, the deep-sixing by especially the mainstream media of Herman Cain in light of the reelection to the presidency of Bill Clinton, the darling of both the media and the Left, in 1992 and 1996. At least Cain denied all peccadilloes, for which no proof has ever been presented with regard to sexual harassment or infidelity. Paula Jones actually sued Clinton in 1994 over his crude propositioning of her in 1991…and won $850,000 worth of revenge. Or…there was Jennifer Flowers…remember her? She claimed a 12-year affair (sound familiar vis-à-vis Ginger and Herman) with Clinton and almost derailed his first run for the office in 1992. The public turned a blind eye. She had tape recordings – killers!

One wonders why the ladies came out of the woodwork to inform on Cain, when none of them offered a scintilla of proof. This is no brief for Cain but the coincidences are far too big a stretch. Attorney Gloria Allred even paraded Sharon Bialek through all the TV gossip shows to describe Herman’s advances in an auto but the only third party to the juicy affair was the spare tire, no help at all in her crusade. The logical question: What was in it for her and the other women and which PI fingered her for the duty? Could the DNC have provided the finances? Only the shadow knows.

Cain appeared to be weathering the storm regarding the first four ladies, who only talked of some sort of harassment, just their words against his. Ho-hum! After Clinton, this was Boy Scout stuff. So…a bigger gun was needed – Ginger White – the clincher (in more ways than one), who simply appeared on the scene and spoke of a 13-year relationship, sometimes (gasp) a sexual one, and, of course, explained that Cain had helped her financially. Was he buying something…or was he just big-hearted, as he said? Only the shadow knows.

Cain might have been guilty in every case, not that it would seem to matter all that much…after Clinton. If so, he might have fessed-up and beaten the rap. In this country, homosexuals are allowed to marry each other in some states so if sexual perversions vis-à-vis natural functions are acceptable what could possibly be wrong with simple infidelity? When he was shepherding the healthcare bill through the Senate in 2009, Senator Baucus was also settling his mistress in Washington, where she also coincidentally got a job in the Department of Justice. If he runs again, he will likely be reelected to the Senate, the obvious sleaze not a bother.

Obama will have a billion or so dollars to put into his campaign and his chances of winning are good. Incumbency has its advantages. If he were to run against another African American, however, especially at this time of recession with which Obama seems unable to cope, all that money might not do the job. One wonders if the White House and all apparatchiks connected thereto decided that the dirt just had to be found. So…the hunt might have been on.

Ginger White was a gold mine regarding juicy turpitude but one wonders what her motivation for coming forward was. After all, by her own account Cain had been her benefactor and might justifiably have been awarded a degree of loyalty. Why would she appear on TV throughout the world and announce she was a whore and that Cain was a solicitor of sex. She said there was no love involved, at least on her part.

There are billionaires in both parties, so coming up with enough cash to entice Ms. White into proclaiming her prostitution would be no problem. George Soros, the Far Left’s bagman, would count a million bucks just chump change. Could potential cash have been her motivation? Or…did Cain figure he’d better cut the affair, assuming it existed for the sake of argument, thus dropping her for fear she might “out” him, only to discover he might have saved himself the trouble? A scorned (and financially challenged) woman can be problematic. Only the Shadow knows.

And the sleaze goes on. One might think Newt Gingrich could not be worried about “outings” of one kind or another since his peccadilloes have been a matter of record for decades. But along comes Minority Leader Pelosi and threatens to expose stuff from a House-committee investigation of Gingrich long ago, thereby probably violating a House rule of some kind…but all’s fair in hate and war. The demos are good at digging up stuff and Pelosi is a good example of the corruption that thrives upon it. The democrats make noises that they hope Gingrich is the candidate because he would be so easy to defeat. Apparently, Pelosi would disagree. With his record, Obama needs to fear any republican.

In the meantime, all the other candidates need to understand that the private investigators and/or capitol staffers are digging.