by James L. Clark

While suffering “ministerial burnout,” Dr. John Wesley Cain, an earthy, theologically unconventional Vietnam veteran, deals with the possible loss of his pastorate; problems with his son; problems of a gifted but troubled teen-aged musician and his drunken Vietnam-vet father; hypocritical members of the church he pastors, and his own shortcomings and ambitions. Feeling that Cain is a bit too unconventional for their tastes, some of the “movers and shakers” in the church attempt to run him off. He tries to save the marriage of a man and wife in which both have been unfaithful. Present in this matter is the intrigue surrounding an adulterous lawyer/legislator/bagman who is the operator in a kickback scheme perpetrated by casino operators interested in bringing riverboat gambling to the state. It all happens in a small eastern Kentucky city

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ISBN 978-0-557-07295-8