Bialek...a Fraud

Perhaps the most serious problem President Obama and the Democrat Party see currently with respect to the 2012 election is Herman Cain, not because he’s a republican but because he’s an African-American republican. If Cain should become the nominee, Obama and the democrats couldn’t possibly play the race card, which is their ace-in-the-hole in most every circumstance, whether political, moral or whatever. The democrats have always taken the black vote for granted (94% or so democrat-guaranteed), and black votes – with little or no payback – can swing elections. If even 30% of blacks voted for Cain, the antithesis of the Jesse-Jackson-gimme-philosophy, Obama could be in trouble.

The power of incumbency is legendary and hard to thwart. This, coupled with the fact that the republican white candidates have elicited only tepid interest from the public, gives Obama a distinct edge. So…getting rid of Cain is the main objective of the democrats now. The quickest and surest way to neuter a candidate is to dig up dirt. Enter the still nameless women, at least one of whom accepted a bribe in the 1990s to keep quiet about an alleged incident involving Cain (though she has just favored talking if ALL the women with grievances will hold some kind of super-press-conference and concentrate their attacks on Cain en masse), another who claimed to have officially complained back then and another who has simply said Cain did something.

All of this rigmarole comprises “he said, she said” stuff, hardly convincing though Cain might actually have offended these women, who, however, have claimed no physical impropriety by Cain. Now, enter a gal who says she wants to put a face on the problem with Cain. She does what any thinking gal would do and hires a lawyer. Why does she need a lawyer? Cain is a public figure so she could claim he stripped naked and spent a month with her in Timbuktu…and get away with it. Instead, she described a scene with Cain in an automobile, with no witnesses to corroborate anything and thus no story.

She needs a lawyer to steer her in the right direction regarding TV appearances, books – maybe even a Playboy centerfold, from all of which elements the lawyer will share the proceeds. The woman, Sharon Bialek, claimed she just wanted to set the record straight about the lecherous Cain and vindicate the women who remain anonymous by choice, having been terribly mistreated but unwilling to face the public. Anyone believing that is invited to buy the proverbial bridge for 99 cents.

Women are the smarter of the sexes and some have determined that in this chivalrous society they can publicly accuse any man of anything – real, imagined, or maliciously contrived – and be both automatically believed and protected from being identified. The man’s reputation is of no consequence whether or not he’s guilty of anything. The media loves this stuff and is complicit in whatever subterfuge or opportunism is involved. Accusations regarding sex never go away, whether true or not, so the man’s reputation is forever sullied, no matter his innocence.

With her background, Bialek might actually help Cain. She’s had nine jobs over the past 17 years and for living arrangements is shacked-up with her “fiance,” euphemism for current live-in-guy-or-gal. She filed for bankruptcy in both 1991 and 2001 and had a baby in 1999 that eventuated in a paternity lawsuit filed against her. As anyone can see, her background is impeccable. If she felt compelled to look out for the interests of other innocent women, she could have contacted any number of media outlets but apparently she felt that contacting a lawyer would be the proper thing to do.

According to the Associated Press, partly on the advice her then-boyfriend, a pediatrician, Bialek claims she set up a meeting with Cain in order to get his help in her job-search some 14 years ago but one has to wonder (perhaps along with Cain at the time) if she was just offering her services. As proof of Cain’s chicanery, she has offered the fact that she told at least two people about the matter at the time. When CNN’s Piers Morgan asked for their identification the other evening, her lawyer, Gloria Allred, informed him that their identities couldn’t be divulged, so the public is being asked to accept her word, as loony-tunes as that is. A simple phone call to Cain, whom she supposedly already knew, would have sufficed in the first place, so one wonders why she had to travel from Chicago to Washington for the tete-a-tete.

As of July 2009, Bialek also owed $5,100 in back taxes, according to the Associated Press, but that’s small potatoes compared to Treasury Secretary Geightner’s tax-cheating. With Allred in tow – or vice versa – Bialek has made the morning TV circuit, describing the sleaze, and had her CNN 15 minutes of fame with Morgan, the current Larry King clone, who would feel uncomfortable asking anything of substance. One remembers his recent attempt to put words in Harry Connick’s mouth. Connick was having none of it. Okay…that’s the most of Morgan’s clambake I’ve ever seen but it was enough.

Even though the Bialek affair is weird and totally devoid of credibility, it’s probable that the mainstream- media crowd will “find” other surprises, since it acts as Obama’s propaganda arm. “Finding” someone as unbelievable as this woman bespeaks desperation accruing to the need to deny a black republican the nomination. This is not to say that nothing happened with respect to the whole matter. It is to say that accusations without proof that can be connected to names are unacceptable, another way of saying that much of the media wallows in yellow journalism, as well.