Cartoonist Stumbles on Truth

The Missouri governor has been foolishly claiming on TV that the eyes of the world are on Ferguson, Missouri, where a white policeman, Darren Wilson, shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, an unarmed African American, on 09 August. Brown, who apparently had just assaulted a clerk in a robbery only minutes before, and a friend were walking down the middle of a street and were told by Wilson to remove themselves account hindering traffic.

Wilson didn't know about the robbery but Brown did, of course, and a violent exchange took place between him and the officer, perhaps because Brown thought he was about to be arrested for the crime (petty theft). The facts are not known at this point but a protest was mounted in the community, 65% black, with the inevitable looting, rioting and burning of properties virtually every night since then. The governor announced a state-of-emergency, called in the State Police, instituted a curfew, which meant nothing, and finally deployed the National Guard to a town of 21,000 inhabitants.

In the Lexington Herald-Leader of 17 August, editorial cartoonist Joel Pett established the fact that Brown might have amounted to “anything” but for his demise, and devoted a panel to the fact that President Obama and Attorney General Holder have been unfairly demonized, the connection to Brown being a mystery. Bringing up the subject, however, provides a construct vis-a-vis the Brown matter.

Some black youths (and whites, too) hate the police, seldom justifiably. If Brown's killing is proved to be murder, Wilson should be held accountable...and he will be. Holder has dispatched 40 FBI agents to what amounts to a local case to handle an event of minutes that took place in broad daylight about lunch-hour. The robbery was caught on store-surveillance tape and indicated Brown, tagged by his uncle as a “gentle giant,” to be a thug who shoved, towered over and intimidated the small store-clerk.

Young blacks conceive of Obama and Holder as role models and thus reflect the thinking of the two men. Neither man ever loses the opportunity to play the race-card. In March 2008, Obama attempted in a Philadelphia “race speech” to lionize the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright. Wright took exception and publicly expressed his hate for the U.S. at the Washington Press Club shortly after. In July 2008, Obama made clear in a Berlin, Germany, speech that he was “different,” dealing the race-card.

In July 2009, Obama, without knowing the facts, said a white policeman acted stupidly in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The policeman arrested an Obama-friend for apparently trying to break in a house that turned out to belong to the man, who had locked himself out. The policeman didn't know that, of course, and simply did his duty. In March 2012 without knowing the facts, Obama referred to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, by a Hispanic civilian (found innocent), indicating that if he had a son, the boy would resemble Martin. He hasn't said that about Brown...yet.

Soon after taking office in 2009, Obama and wife used three Air Force planes and a multitude of operatives to virtually shut down the city so they could have a date in New York. An insensitive, excessive display of tax-waste, this was an in-your-face-whitey act that says something to the young black man, so walking down the middle of a street is okay – in-your-face-whitey-policeman. A shameless liar (Obamacare, Benghazi, Libya, Syria, Crimea), Obama toys with the presidency and said to his Hollywood crowd about the Pennsylvania whiteys that they grasp their Bibles and guns and go looking for illegals...the race card.

Holder is suing the state of Arizona for attempting to enforce FEDERAL laws regarding illegal immigrants. Last year, Holder sued Texas over a voter ID-law, something legal in Kentucky. He used a government plane to treat his family members and guests to a day at the Belmont a few weeks ago. Government's cost – $14,440; paid by Holder – $955, an in-your-face-taxpayer insult.

This conduct by O&H is picked up by young black men, only 52% of whom finish high school in four years (MSNBC, Sept. 2012). The vast majority of policemen in most police forces such as Ferguson's is white partly because a high school diploma is necessary for even applying for a law-enforcement job. The screamers like Jackson and Sharpton never mention this.

During August 1-5, nine blacks and one Hispanic were gunned down in Chicago, Obama's home town. For the last three years, the gunshot murder rate there is well over one a day, or about half of the U.S. deaths in Afghanistan in the last 13 years of actual fighting. Obama has not sent the Guard there to establish order, but he un-complimentarily tagged his own (white) grandmother, who raised him, as the “typical white person,” dealing the race-card in his own family.

Brown might have taken his cue from Obama, who with a stroke of the pen lawlessly changes or nullifies laws when it suits him (in-your-face-Congress-whiteys), and took over the street. If he hadn't done that, he would be alive jail or out on bail.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark