Anyone for "Bratz?"

The coarsening of American society continues apace on its downward trajectory, and one wonders when the bottom will be reached, as well as whether or not the society will last long enough to reach the bottom. In the world of toys, for instance, the latest issue of salaciousness is something called the Bratz Dolls, the hip, sophisticated toy hucksters’ answer to the Barbie, the doll of choice for a generation or two, which, though becoming more sexually suggestive through the years, is staid by comparison to the new “thing.” The Bratz girl is the equivalent of today’s scantily dressed, tattooed, multiple ring-punctured, navel/underwear-exhibitionist, rattle-brained eighth-grader or sex-driven coed whose mind is located in the genital area, and whose genital area is located wherever the action is. Dressed in jeans tight enough to constrict major arteries or attire calculated to show at least 98 percent of skin and other body accoutrements, the Bratz equivalent can be seen wherever the boys are, preferably in places no adult ever heard of.

There was a time when modesty was considered a virtue (not too long ago, at that), but now modesty is considered the mark of a seriously backward person, someone to be pitied, especially if the IQ is high. This also applies to boys who have their own ways of “dressing down” to show their manliness, though not near to the extent of that of the girls. Just check out the uniforms of male college-basketball players with those of the girls’ volleyball teams to get an idea. Or, compare the cheerleading outfits of 25-30 years ago with those of today, including those of the dance teams that perform at ball games. It’s a meat-market out there, perhaps inspired by the “professional” cheerleaders at the games in the National Football League. When the myriad commercials and the tedium induced by referees gazing into a monitor to see if their decisions are right become too much, the TV cameras can always be pointed to the cheerleaders, though not too often, lest the viewer be dissuaded from yet another trip to the fridge for a Bud-Light, thus negating the effect of the commercial.

There’s always been the urge, especially among the young but also among adults to greater and lesser extents usually depending upon age, to be bad. Perhaps this goes all the way back to Adam and Eve, who just couldn’t keep it in the road. Without question, this urge, when it becomes paramount in an entire society, induces the rot that eventually spells doom. Witness the old Roman Empire or the newer ones such as those of Olde Europe, whose insatiable greed and lack of moral conviction destroyed the peoples of large parts of the world and in the process induced self-destructiveness.

The Bratz-syndrome will become very popular and will make fortunes for its originators for the simple reason that parents, especially mothers, either haven’t the strength to deny the sex toy to their daughters or don’t actually see anything wrong with the whole scene, perhaps because they came of age or had parents who came of age during the torrid, hippy-dippy 60s-70s, when the anything goes if it feels good philosophy overtook the nation, especially on college campuses, where the “O-Leary factor” of drugs as God, with its inevitable outcome of fuzzy minds operating on the level of body excrement, duped students and faculty alike into philosophizing that all is relative and that there are no such things as right and wrong, thus no need for moral convictions regarding anything from how to dress to how to act.

It may seem to be nit-picking tomfoolery and old-fashioned, but the notion that modesty should be respected in the matter of dressing is operative in this corner and will perhaps say more than anything else about the condition of a society. Check out the scene in high schools and on college campuses today to see skin and more skin with regard to the girls and sloppiness and more sloppiness with regard to boys. The girls will be wearing the tight jeans that, in the proper body position and stretched to the point of no return, allow for showing everything as far south of the waistline as possible. The boys are rather well covered, sort of slouched in incredibly, knee-crotched baggy pants that hang just above the critical orifice of derriere, hopefully, and are marked by huge pockets everywhere and pant legs that trail along behind, doubling as cleaning towels for the restroom floors and sidewalks. Caps are worn backwards – even in classrooms – the better, apparently, to make some sort of statement, though no one knows what. Even an orangutan can figure out how to wear a cap backwards, so this habit is a mark of significant intellectual prowess.

School boards that have about as much spine as a wet noodle and college/university boards of trustees that have about as much competence and fortitude as a run-of-the-mill rapper are responsible for this state of affairs. Cringing before the ever more militant political-correctness police, they retreat into their nests of safety, whining about the virtues of academic freedom for equally weak-minded faculty and the marvelous opportunities for “expression” they afford their students. What a huge serving of baloney! This is what produced coed dorms, those marvelous experiments in fornication and, along with fraternity houses complete with their drunken/drugged orgies, unintended pregnancies. They lack the guts necessary for defining and maintaining civility and decency and then enforcing the rules derived therefrom. It’s a come-as-you-are society through and through, not only in education institutions but in every area of life, including the churches, which seem to be proclaiming that one need only stop in for a sermon or so on the way to the beach or golf course.

So…aided and abetted by her mother, the Bratz Philosophy engages the pre-pubescent girl, who is now exposed to the barrage of if it feels good, dearie, just do it, and be popular, pulchritudinous, and, careful now, not promiscuous. Could there ever be a more potent recipe for everything from AIDS to herpes to pregnancy to abortion? No, this is not just California…it’s the whole country, headed down the drain.