Blame Game - KAPUT!

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos the day after Scott Brown’s Senate victory in Massachusetts, President Obama jumped on his theme right at the beginning by claiming that people are angry and frustrated over what’s happened over the last eight years. Translated: It’s all George Bush’s fault. That’s sorta like a drunk driver blaming the distillery when he’s just rammed his car into a bus and killed a bunch of people – KAPUT! – when he appears before the judge.

The last eight years covers 2002 until now, but Bush was reelected in 2004 (two wars on and just six years ago) over Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, whose election Ted Kennedy thought was in the bag and coerced the Massachusetts legislature to change the election laws so Governor Romney, a republican, couldn’t appoint a republican to Kerry’s seat when he took over the White House. Kennedy had the laws changed again last year so an election could be held almost immediately (keep 60 democrat senators) so another democrat would take his seat upon his demise, but Brown ruined all that anyway.

Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, two totally corrupt quasi-government lending agencies, were largely responsible for the financial meltdown last year but Bush and his administration were clearly on the record at least as far back as 2004 in warning that these agencies were out of control. Government regulators appeared in Congressional hearings but were shouted down by shrill voices such as democrats Maxine Waters and Barney Frank. The head honchos at the two agencies were raking in multi-millions for themselves. The Congress was taken over by the democrats in the 2006 vote, and democrat Obama was elected in 2008. The rest is history.

The democrats have been attempting to run the country for three years, with Obama complicit for one year, and in that span the nation has spiraled into deep recession, the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to double-digits, the government has taken over the financial structure and instituted unbelievable pork-barrel spending (stimulus). The government drove two auto companies into bankruptcy last year, taking over one of them, GM, and holding a substantial interest in Chrysler. Millions of citizens have lost their homes because of government actions coercing lending agencies to finance home-buying that the buyers couldn’t afford.

Perhaps the worst attribute of Obama and his administration is that they’re slow-learners or maybe no-learners. In 1993 within days of taking office, Bill Clinton assigned health-care legislation to Hillary Clinton – a non-official not even subject to Senate-approval – and she concocted behind closed doors a plan so cockamamie, costly and loaded with red tape that it was never seriously considered.

Within days of taking office, Obama assigned health-care to Congress (okay, mostly to Speaker Pelosi, with republicans totally out of the picture, but Senate democrats as a side-show), and Pelosi and Senator Baucus, also behind closed doors, presided over contrivances so corrupt or off-the-wall that only one-third of the citizenry, from what little it knows about them, approves of them. It’s a fair bet that at least 75% of all the lawmakers have never read the respective bills and the ones who have don’t understand what they mandate. Slow-learner!

Within days of taking office, Obama began appointing “czars” to run the government, one of them even being responsible for seeing that the other czars “did their jobs,” never mind that cabinet secretaries usually run the government. These folks evaded the approval process, and some, like Van Jones, were just plain weird – a self-proclaimed communist. The czar appointed to run the auto business knew absolutely nothing about – yep – the auto business. Another thinks animals should have lawyers. This was simply cockeyed, but Obama, apparently too caught up in himself to see what was happening, never realized how foolish the citizens considered his actions to be. Slow-learner!

For her part and under Obama’s pressure, Speaker Pelosi managed to get the House to pass a disastrous cap/trade bill that not one Congressman who voted for it had read. It turns out that manmade global-warming is a monstrous hoax, that the “scientists” most responsible for the hoax simply “cooked the books” (along with Al Gore) to perpetrate it, and that China is laughing itself silly. Yet, Obama put his prestige on the line in going to Copenhagen to front for this hoax and got absolutely nothing out of it. Slow-learner!

Obama pushed the “stimulus bill” – $787 billion in pork-barrel spending going down the drain – and it was passed in Congress without anyone who voted for it having read it. The House passed its health-care bill, though not unanimously, and it now flounders before a Senate bill that was literally bought and sold, with the pusillanimous “deals” aired in the media. In Economics 101, a student learns that cutting taxes on corporations and capital gains and individuals is the way to jump-start an economy, but the program by Obama and gang leads inexorably in the opposite direction. Slow-learner!

Is it any wonder that the “Kennedy seat,” characterized by Brown as the “people’s seat,” was taken over by a republican? Obama has not realized that the citizens are better educated than he thought. They see him as leading the country into socialism (with help from the republicans, to be fair) and they don’t intend to go there. It will be interesting to see if he continues to be a slow-learner! If so – KAPUT!