Beshear—Obama’s Fair-Haired Boy

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear attained “fair-haired-boy” status the other Sunday morning when he appeared on an elitist top-guru talking-head show to extol the virtues of the Affordable Care Act, which becomes more unaffordable as facts become known, and to finger the president as perhaps the best prez since Lincoln…maybe even Jefferson…or (gasp and a palpitation) Washington. Indeed, Prez Obama took time from his busy driving-range duties to phone Steve with compliments fit for a czar.

Recently-arrived Lexington Herald-Leader political writer Sam Youngman (04 November) even said one’s imagination would not be stretched a hallucination too far to see ol’ Steve trotting in to take over the HHS barn now patrolled by the honorable Kathleen Sibelius, there to knock the stalls of three years of you know what. In Boston, the Big O said Steve was like a man possessed with helping more people but lots of folks just think Steve’s merely possessed.

Youngman was actually doing a mild hatchet job on Rand Paul (plagiarized perfect Wikipedia) and threw in the Beshear glorification to maybe help change the state from red to blue. Not likely, especially in light of the current exposure of the Big O’s outrageous three years of lies regarding the sacred ACA, not to mention ratcheting up everyone’s electricity costs while killing the coal industry, as he promised to do in 2008.

Neither Beshear nor Obama mentioned 280,000 Kentuckians losing their current health-coverage plans, as reported by the Associated Press on 03 November. This applies even in state government, of which I have first-hand knowledge—increased premiums, co-pays and deductibles. Reason: the policies don’t jibe with Big O’s infallible mandates. Accounted as brilliant, maybe he can explain why a 75-year-old man should pay for an expensive policy covering gynecological problems.

Give Beshear some credit…or blame, depending on one’s take. He was smart enough to use the state option with the Big O picking up the cost—more than $250 million—to create the online signup site. Obama must not have used the same outfit for the national site, since he’s spent $600 million on it and it’s nowhere near ready for use and may never be. Maybe his rich pals at bankrupt Solyndra got the job…or folks just like them—presidential cronies.

So…practically all the 31,000 or so Kentuckians who’ve signed up have been herded onto Medicaid, paying no premiums while the rest of the folks in the U.S. pick up their tabs. In the other 36 states, choosing to let the Big O do it all, chaos reigns and folks are finding that the president actually meant in 2008 and thereafter that folks could keep the plans and doctors that NOT THEY but Obama liked.

The prez usually blames George Bush for everything that goes wrong but this time he’s blaming the insurance companies for deep-sixing his promises that folks had nothing to worry about. The insurers, while not being totally insensitive, nevertheless see bankruptcy as their final resting place (Obamacare is interested in that subject) if they inculcate the ACA mandates without concomitantly increasing premiums, co-pays and, of course, huge deductibles, thus putting policy-holders in a brand-new bind.

Lately, the White House info-machine has propagandized that the prez actually hedged his promises with the caveat that they depended upon the insurance suppliers being good guys and maybe emulating government, but printing money to offset bankruptcy is not within their purview, thus the skyrocketing charges and adverse policy conditions.

Getting something for nothing (or at least very little) has always been the goal for most people whether they admit it or not. It’s a lead-pipe cinch that the prez has never read the ACA and knows little more than he’s been told. Nor did/does the Congress-people who passed it. His czars wrote the bill, which is designed to drive the nation into socialized medicine (single payer) as rates explode and the ACA system crumbles. This has been his plan all along, so to that extent he’s in the saddle. As for details, he either lies or is just plain ignorant…or both.

Bill Clinton was impeached for telling a humongous lie that didn’t affect the nation. Nixon resigned over nothing affecting the government. Obama’s lies, publicly much better documented over years, are serious enough for impeachment. Won’t happen—racism, of course.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark