Preemption & Beheading - Right & Wrong

Clark's Corner

The vagaries attendant upon the existence of mankind are called to mind during this week because of both past and current events. June 5 marks the 40th anniversary of the Seven-Day War between the Israelis and the surrounding Arab nations. It was not the first war by any means since the founding of Israel and its acceptance in the United Nations in 1948. War started, indeed, as soon as Israel became a nation and continued through the 50s, though the Arabs (aka Muslims, for the most part) could never quite get it together, and the Israelis, tired of the constant harassment that had gone on for years, pulled off what some might call the first preemptive strike in modern history in 1967, literally changing the map in the region.

For their part, the Palestinians refused to organize a nation in 1948, claiming that all of the area called Palestine belonged to them, though one-third of the population at that time was Israeli, and despite the fact that much (nearly half or so) of the territory allotted to Israel was the Negev Desert, the dwelling place of Bedouins and their herds and virtually useless for any productive purpose. This means that the people called Palestinians chose to be refugees in their own region, did virtually nothing to establish productivity, and have lived largely off the largesse of their Arab neighbors. This is the case today. They live in poverty, with no hope in sight, since the two major parties, Fatah and Hamas, the former the descendent group of Arafat's Palestinian Liberation Organization and the latter a radical Islamic fundamentalist movement, can't even live with each other, much less form a government and join the community of nations.

This segues into a circumstance noted in an Associated Press account recently having to do with the alarming increase in the number of beheadings (a "weapon" of choice among Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East) in Asia. The article had to do particularly with this increase in Thailand and gave as an example a beheading of a 72-year-old man by a 23-year-old Thai Muslim, who plainly said he was told to carry out the gory deed and did not dare to disobey. His words: "I knew they would come after me if I did not do what I was told." The irony is that folks in this country complain about the un-injurious interrogation method called "water-boarding," while the orders a young man receives in his Mosque (religious fiat, therefore) call for something too heinous to contemplate.

The article went on to enumerate the number of known beheadings (one can only wonder at the actual number) in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. There have been 25 in Thailand alone since 2004, a nation with no past history of this gory and senseless practice. The problem area is in the southern part of the nation, which is heavily Islamic and where 2,200 killings have been carried out in an Islamic-inspired insurgency since 2004. This calls to mind the beheadings and other brutalities carried out at the behest of the late Zarqawi, Muslim-al Qaeda honcho in Iraq.

It also calls to mind the fact that Muslims – particularly young Muslim men – are brainwashed by their imams and other Muslim clerics into believing that jihad (holy war) is absolutely required in the ongoing effort to expand Muslim territory at the expense of territory owned by the "infidel," anyone who isn't Muslim, and that such actions as blowing up women and children in their own country as well as other countries and thus fomenting terror as a weapon of choice, is perfectly acceptable. This is unspeakably cowardly, but speaks to the bloodthirstiness of jihad, as well as to the intolerable sanguinary nature of Islam. The Koran (Islamic holy book manufactured by Mohammed 1400 or so years ago) mandates the killing of the infidel at every opportunity.

The intertwining of Islam with the intransigence of the Palestinians with respect to their refusal to form a viable government and their penchant for homicide/suicide bombing of innocent people in the marketplace or in a restaurant in Israel with the beheading activity in Thailand and throughout the Far East now is well-documented and intolerable. Perhaps the time has come for civilized people (including out the beheaders and homicide/suicide murderers) to make a distinction between Islam and all other faiths, with respect to religion. Hitler indoctrinated German youth with the "Aryan superiority" claptrap, and they helped him kill millions…before being killed. The ayatollahs are indoctrinating their youth with the "Muslim superiority" claptrap, and they will help these old men kill untold multitudes (200,000 in Sudan at last count)…until they are killed, as they must be, if civilization is to endure.