The Audacity of Damnation

The “Tea Parties” of 15 April have been judged by the mainstream media as something having to do with tax protests similar to the original tea party of 1773. This approach was easier to handle than the one actually marking these activities, namely, that remonstrance against the “change” ordered by Obamessiah was in order, such change not being the rebuilding of the economy or taxing process; rather, the effort was aimed at protesting the actions of Obama and his minions regarding the REMAKING of the government into something else not resembling a government responsive to the U.S. Constitution.

It’s just as well that the president spent most of the week out of the country…fortuitous, actually, since responding to the multiple tea parties in all 50 states had to be handled by the administration’s subordinate characters or, most especially, by its propaganda machinery known as NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and the coastal newspaper biggies like the LA Times, New York Times (both heading into bankruptcy) and the Washington Post. These entities pooh-poohed the process, all the while knowing that they actually meant something…like the first shots fired in anger vis-a-vis the election wars leading into next year. They protesteth (ridiculed) too much.

The tea-party folks see the system of government running counter to that fashioned by the founders, as the government is in the process of taking over private enterprises, such as the banks and auto industry, though by using the money confiscated from citizens to buy its way in instead of using guns or violence a la 1773. The supreme irony lies in the fact that, after the government has bought a significant share, General Motors will almost certainly enter bankruptcy anyway. The surest way to damn almost any entity is to put the government in charge of it, which is what has happened at GM, the U.S. president even ordering up the firing of the GM president.

While the president was looking foolish overseas by sitting – as in “not walking out” – through 52 minutes of Daniel Ortega’s rant against this country, ABC’s Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulis were waxing gaga ecstatic over some bank’s showing a first-quarter profit and an increase in the markets. It seems that rearranging the books is largely responsible, shuffling money around within the systems, especially since the banks have taken their billions, enhanced their bottom lines…but are not loaning money, the very thing the infusion of cash was supposed to make immediately requisite.

As the markets rose (what else could they do, since they’ve lost so much), so did the unemployment rate as well as the foreclosure rate, the latter making one wonder what Obama meant by his promise to see that the government would stop the foreclosure glut by helping individuals. The “stimulus package” reflects the administration’s approach in that it makes the people subservient to governmental control in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, a violation of the Fourth Amendment. The taxpayers are not supposed to buy any of the action in private banks and manufacturing or be impacted by such. The government’s insistence that the billions already lost and the billions still in the pipeline to be lost are merely loans is laughable, since lending agencies do not own the entities to which they grant loans.

As it is, Treasury Secretary Geithner, the government’s best-known tax-cheat (or would that be Congressman Rangel) has virtual “beheading powers” with respect to any enterprise he deems ripe for government takeover. His double-talk before the media and various Congressional committees, whose members are unable to figure him out, present an opaqueness totally impenetrable by anyone but himself, if that. The fact that nothing he and his gang have inculcated is working, at least so far, seems perfectly okay.

The tea-party folks understand two things: 1) They can’t print money, and 2) If they default on loans they lose everything. They’re being told that the U.S. is borrowing money – from China, for instance – and so everything is okay. What they see are the U.S. printing presses running at over-speed in order to pump money into…where? What they know is that the government is about to pass a budget that will drown the nation in trillions of dollars of debt, with absolutely no way to repay it, thus setting the stage for an inflationary spiral of immense proportions…unless taxes are soon raised to an extent never before even comprehended or contemplated.

So…the stage is set. Bankrupting the government means the socializing of everything. This is the obvious intent of Obama…not just “change,” but an absolute “remaking.” The U.S. Constitution is no longer the foundation of the Obama government. It’s almost as if the president, when he said, “We won,” meant, “It’s in your face, America…you’re finished.” The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, who inspired Obama’s Audacity of Hope, couldn’t have said it better, except that he would simply have declaimed “God damn America.” It’s all the same…and now it is known…the audacity of damnation.