About This Site

That's what I'm wondering. What's it all about? Actually, I haven't the foggiest, except that I just feel the urge to put some things out there…maybe a bit of news or commentary or poetry or some hymns or a short story occasionally or a slice of satire (political and otherwise) or critiques of one kind or another, maybe even a joke once in a while.

Do I think anyone will pay attention to some or all of this stuff? Again, I haven't the foggiest, but, in the same sense as that of one's indulging in learning for its own sake, I will indulge myself in putting something out there just for the sake of it. If someone finds anything here interesting - or even better - helpful, herein is my appreciation expressed in advance because the possibility of such responses, even though unknown to me, furnishes me with some added incentive to satisfy the urge mentioned above.

If, on the other hand, someone finds this stuff boring, trite, distasteful, sophomoric, moronic, anachronistic, biased, uninformed, politically incorrect, or just plain bothersome, I will take comfort (but with a bit of a crooked grin) in knowing I've at least evoked a response of some kind, as well as in understanding that the little "X" button is always up there in the corner and ready to be depressed at a moment's notice of someone's disgust.

So, let the fun roll on for whatever it's worth…or - okay - worthless, and I may as well admit a somewhat ulterior motive, too, i.e., calling attention to my novels and poetry. If anything looks interesting, give it a try. You may not be satisfied with it, but I certainly will be glad you looked.