King Abdullah, the HYPOCRITE

The height of hypocrisy was reached the other day when Saudi Arabia King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz lectured the U.S. and European nations on the (gasp) ghastly impending threat to them of ISIS, the terroristic jihad mongers now ravaging much if not most of Iraq and Syria. The major thrust of the threat involves homegrown U.S. and European Muslims or converted Muslims joining ISIS and after bloodletting enough to establish the grand Islamic caliphate “over there” returning home to terrorize civilized Caucasians into submission.

The fat king's nation shares a 600-mile border with Iraq but has no stomach for battling the butchers. Instead, he attempts through scare tactics to goad the West into fighting a war to protect his oil, similar to the gulf-war of 1991, in which President Bush 41 managed a UN-sanctioned 100-hour war to save his bacon, throwing Saddam out of Kuwait, who actually was just testing the waters for taking over the entire Arabian peninsula, using his 400,000-man army to throw the fat princes into the Red Sea.

Save the tears! The Saudi troop-strength stands at 233,500 boots that can be on the ground in Iraq in a matter of hours. The Saudi capital, Riyadh, is only some 300 miles from the Iraqi border and ISIS strength is said to number only about 10,000 fighters, giving the king an advantage of 23 to one. The king also has 1,095 tanks; 7,202 armored fighting vehicles; multiple rocket-launch systems and 652 military aircraft, 229 of which are deadly, modern jet-fighters secured from the U.S. and Europe.

The king has a defense budget of 56.7 BILLION dollars and has just given Lebanon a cool billion to help the Lebanese with their Syria problem. In 2011, he sent Saudi troops into neighboring Bahrain to keep the minority Sunnis in power over the majority Shi'ites and maintains 1,000 troops there now to save that monarchy in a nation with a population of only 1.3 million.

So...why doesn't the king use his overwhelming military might to completely destroy ISIS, which will soon run out of military hardware as its vehicles and arms originating in the U.S. and seized from the cowardly Iraqi army degrades and disappears? ISIS is Sunni-dominated as is Saudi Arabia, so the king may not want to “offend” his brothers...much better to let the U.S. do that and be blamed anew for meddling.

ISIS would gobble up the king and the princes if allowed to win in Iraq and Syria, just as Saddam would have but for the actions of President G.H.W. Bush in 1991, so the king would be forced to either stand and fight on his own soil or make a losing deal with the devil. ISIS has no air capability, while King Abdullah could fill the air 24/7 with both missiles and planes to wreck ISIS now, and it's a better now then when ISIS butchers invade his paradise and start their animalistic stonings, amputations, beheadings and rampant rape.

Meanwhile, the warmongers in this country like Senators McCain and Graham should shut up. The king can put tens of thousands of boots on the ground in Iraq to wipe out ISIS by just ordering them to get in their tanks and armored vehicles and take an afternoon drive across the border toward Baghdad. The notion that U.S. blood and treasure should be expended in that benighted country is ludicrous.

President Obama is right in not extending the Iraq affair. This might not be the case (considering all that oil) if Saudi Arabia were weak, but the Saudis (furnished 9/11 hijackers) are strong enough to defeat any nation in the Middle East with the exception of Israel and possibly Iran.

The king's stakes are high and when the West's leaders have their imminent meeting, they should get on his case big-time. The Saudis produce 9.9 million barrels of oil a day and sell about 73% of it to the world at enormous profit. Their oil reserves amount to 268 TRILLION barrels. Obama, British PM Cameron, and the European leaders, instead of wringing their hands, should tell the king to shape up or be shipped out.

Cameron mentioned in his speech to Parliament on 01 September, that Britain has lost about 500 of its young Muslims to ISIS, with France and Germany contributing 700 and 400 more, respectively, as well as contingents from other European countries. All of these nations have tried to quell the jihad threat. Now is the time for the king to step up.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark