REGULATOR & Other Stories

by James L. Clark

This collection of short stories constitutes a sort of protest vis-a-vis the current governance of the nation, especially on the federal level, which the author sees as mostly aimless or incompetent or anti-Constitutional, or all three, as well as against the prevailing collective mindset, at least among the mushy-minded elites, often self-appointed intellectuals, that seems to be driving the society—something called political correctness. Seven of the eleven pieces have to do with these elements, either quite directly or inferentially. Included in these pieces are the remarking and ineptness of the U.S. to deal with the greatest threat to the world, nations governed by militant Muslims or smaller offshoot individuals/groups of Militant Islam. Of the remaining four stories, one also has to do with government...the government of Adolph Hitler, who came to power in Germany essentially during the 1930s, known in the U.S. as the Great Depression in that decade, which is the setting for one of the other three, with the remaining two having to do with the private investigator, Simon Sharp. Institutionally—including government, church, academia—the author sees the nation going the way of all other nation-states that, once becoming powerful enough to ward off any enemy militarily and economically, simply drifted into socialism, rotted from the inside and imploded. A recent poetry-collection involved a discussion of these elements. Two of the stories appeared in a much larger collection a number of years ago.


~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Ambition
A Religious Scam
Billy and the Blizzard
Cyber Warrior
Irvine Hickenlooper, Inspector
John Brown
The Quarterback & the Tattoo
The Snake Caper

REGULATOR & Other Stories

ISBN 978-1-329-51494-2 (paperback)

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