EDDIE et alia

by James L. Clark

Though probably not much different from most cities of 280,000 population, Lexington, Ky., in the 80s-90s was somewhat unique in that it was the scene of a horrific pedophilia operation financed in large part by city government. It also had/has its share of prostitutes, alcoholics, seedy bars, “adult” venues and the usual suspects that accompany these entities. Added to that was/is the upsurge in the abuse of drugs, particularly the deadly use of perfectly acceptable and approved medicinal drugs such as OxyContin, causing many deaths both in the city and throughout eastern Kentucky, particularly. Lexington is the setting for this novel, full of twists and turns as well as thought-provoking questions, as its “good” side comes into conflict with the bad.

When the peccadilloes of his law-firm partner sink the business, Eddie Amos returns to the Commonwealth Attorney’s office as a prosecutor having as his chief goals the conviction of—on the basis of suspected longstanding sexual-abuse of boys—(1) the administrator of a tax-funded youth organization in the central-Kentucky city of Lexington, and (2) the city’s drug-czar/pimp. At the same time, a young attorney instigates a heretofore-unheard-of wrongful-death lawsuit, generated by the poor widow of a truck driver killed in an auto accident by a drunk driver, against a distillery by using an also unheard-of “cigarette” defense, and the two lawyers work together to achieve their goals. An assassination, two murders, and a possible suicide impact or result from their efforts. Characters ranging from the most sublime to the seamiest—an Episcopal priest (Vietnam veteran), drug pushers, dope-heads, prostitutes, embezzlers, rogue cops, troubled teenagers, a greed-driven booze-maker, corporate lawyers, sexual perverts, a hit-man, sex-abuse victims, and a devout and beautiful paralegal—are caught up in the process, during the development of which Amos, the priest, another widow embittered by the drunk-driver-induced death of her husband, a corporate attorney’s wife, the young lawyer and the paralegal progress through spiritual journeys and/or experience the developing of romantic attachments or profound heartbreak, but find some answers to hard questions.

EDDIE et alia

ISBN: 9780595267675

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