May 2004

Memorials>  Dear Sen. Kerry>  Abu Ghraib>  Iraqi Democracy?>  Kerry/Nader 20 May 2004>  Miscalculation?>  What Price Security?>  Dear Al>  Twister> 

June 2004

Abortion and the Ninth Circuit>  WWJD - Iraq?>  God and Allah>  Reagan's Hope in God>  Kerry's Veep-hunt>  Polling As/Is FARCE>  Kerry's Veep-hunt II> 

July 2004

The American Dream>  Kerry and the Veep-designate>  WESTERN un-CIVILIZATION>  Same-sex Marriage?>  Dear Senator Edwards>  Sunset...Peace>  nth-Degree of Shame>  Book Propaganda?>  Boston Whee! Party> 

August 2004

American Imperialism???>  Dear Candidate>  Religious Politics?>  ObL-AaZ Strategy Session>  Kerry/Edwards Communication?>  Radio/TV Eras>  The Conventions> 

September 2004

Football Is Back>  How the Grunch Stole Boston>  Book-mongering and Forgeries>  Kerry Goes anti-Iraq>  Rather/CBS-gate>  YELLOW JOURNALISM>  Dear Debater> 

October 2004

Post-debate>  Campaign>  Kerry's Miami Sermon?>  Modern Church>  Kerry Conference Call - C, S, P!>  Kerry-Clinton Strategy>  Kerry/Begala/Carville Strategy> 

November 2004

Can the Exposure>  The Mother of All Coups>  Veteran's Day>  Faith and Values Coalition>  Political Geography>  The Cure>  A Tougher, Better Time> 

December 2004

Dem Strategy 2004-2008>  Day of Infamy>  Dirty Sports>  Battle of the Bulge, December 1944>  Letters to Santa>  CHRISTMAS 2004>  Sonnets for the New Year> 

January 2005

The New Year>  God and the Tsunami>  Mephistopheles, Dan Rather, and Dr. Dean>  WORDS, WORDS, WORDS!!!>  God of Our Fathers>  DECLARATION OF DEAN-DEPENDENCE 2005>  Super Bowl 2005>  Big Ted and the Three Bs>

February 2005

Preemption>  Kudos to Super Bowl XXXIX>  O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go>  Dr. Dean, DNC>  From DNC Headquarters>  The Grand Experiment>  Worthless Trips>

March 2005>

The International Three Stooges>  Whither the Nation?>  Osama, Zawahiri, and Zarqawi>  Filibuster Redux>  Evening-News Tomfoolery>  Palm Sunday and Bataan>  Baseball, Congress and Steroids> 

April 2005

Crucifixion...Resurrection>  DNC Memorandum #3>  To Live Or Not Live>  Holden Beach>  Coarseness, as American as Apple Pie and Boxing>  DNC Memorandum #4>  Media/Governmental Hypocrisy>  Pitts, the Pharmacists, and the Pill>  DECLARATION OF BLUE INDEPENDENCE 2005>  The Illegality of "Cloture">

May 2005

Anyone for "Bratz?">  Anniversary LX...a World Saved>  DNC Memorandum #5>  Nuking the Filibuster?>  NEWSWEEK FLUSHED at PENTAGON>  Armed Forces Day 2005>  The "Gang of 14" - the New Mugwumps>  In Memoriam 2005>  DNC Memorandum #6>

June 2005

2075>  Normandy>  Deaniac-speak>  3rd Party - Demomugwumpicans>  Kerry/Biden/Kennedy/Edwards>  The Newspaper, LOTA, and GOTH>  Durbin's Delicate Directives and Dictums>  Publish Exit Plan>  God Bless this Honorable SCOTUS!>

July 2005

July 4 Redux>  To Abort or Not to Abort>  DNC Memorandum #7>  Farrakhan and MILLIONS MORE>  The Muslim Problem - WWIII>  The Three Musketeers>  Condescending Punditry - Disgusting!>  DNC Memorandum #8>

August 2005

Hiroshima/Nagasaki>  Letter of Welcome(?)>  Intelligent Design?>  14 August 1945>  Dean/Mephistopheles/Rather Redux II>  DNC Memorandum #9>  Nanny's Watching...Look Out!>  USA/Iraq...Whither, When?

September 2005

Katrina & the Media>  Post-Katrina>  Katrina Recap>  Roberts Hearing>  DNC Memorandum #10  The Tale of Two Hurricanes>  CBC Memorandum #1>

October 2005

SCOTUS Hearings Redux>  Millions More Movement - FARCE>  Millions More Movement Recap>  Let the Big Easy Ease Out>  DNC Memorandum #11>

November 2005

Reid's Rant  Schindler's List, Argentina, ABC>  Veterans Day - 2005  Judiciary Committee Conference-Call  Sports as GREED>  DNC Memorandum #12>  Ali-Worship>  New Orleans Redux> 

December 2005

Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Howard Dean>  9/11 Commission Recap>  DNC Memorandum #13>  The Kerry-Dean Show>  Bush as Spy?...Horrors!>  CHRISTMAS>  No More (Gasp!) Special Observances?>  Epistle To The New Year>

January 2006

The LKBSD Conference>  Intelligent Design vis-a-vis Public Schools>  The Mind - Intelligent Design>  Alito Hearing>  N.O., the Mayor, and God>  DNC Memorandum #14>  Impeachment - Desperate Campaign Strategy>  Founding Fathers...Always Right?>

February 2006

State of the Union>  Halftime in Jagger's Jungle>  The Violation of a Funeral>  Prayer - Social, Political...or Spiritual?>  Bird-Shot and Media Bloviating>  How About that 18-Year-Old?>  Should UAE Run the Ports?>  Whither Abortion?>

March 2006

Judicial Shenanigans?>  Katrina Redux...Reduxed?>  Professor Cooney and the Ports>  DNC Memorandum #15>  Kerry, Dean...Military Geniuses>  Iraq...Third Anniversary  The Prez and the Press>  Media – Democracy … Right Now!>  Apologists Hurt the Black Man>

April 2006

The Athletic Director - BIG $$$$$$$>  Censure as FARCE>  The Georgia Attacker>  The Newspaper & the Baptists>  School, Trashed by Media, Stands on Principle>  Rummy & the Generals>  The Baptists & the Newspaper Redux>  War on the Baptists>  The Big O and the Zs>

May 2006

Darfur & the Europeans (Wimps?)>  DNC Memorandum #16>  General Hayden and the CIA>  The Libya Connection>  Herald-Leader Gone APE!!!>  Year 2070 (Approx.)>  Arlington>  Power of Eminent Domain - When?

June 2006

Haditha...a Perspective>  Normandy Redux>  Kentucky Politics...the Damnedest?>  DNC Memorandum #17>  House Resolution 861>  Whither the Denominations?  TREASON>  Presidency...Only GI-Men Need Apply?>  The Learning Gap...Poverty-Consequence?>

July 2006

Lest We Forget - The First Weeks>  Religious Left?>  Words or Will>  Buchanan's Propaganda>  Domestic-Partner Nonsense>  Iran/Syria Cabal - End It!>  Race-baiting as Punditry>  Friedman's Fantasy>

August 2006

DNC Memorandum #18>  Hagee & Ahmadinejad - the Oddest Couple>  Perfidy...In Allah's Name>  ObL, AaZ, and Sheikh Nasrallah - 3 Stooges>  Syrian/Iranian Treachery>  Presidential "Signing Statements">

September 2006

Iran - First Shot?>  "Pavlov's Dogs" and Race?>  John Kerry - 2006 Chamberlain>  How the Devil Took Massachusetts>  Fein & Power-balance>  United Nations as FARCE>  DNC Memorandum #19>  The Torture Question>  Military Madness>

October 2006

Speaker Hastert - Scapegoat>  Books As Campaign Propaganda>  "Domestic Partners" Con Game>  300 Million, Western Civilization and Oblivion?>  Ramadan as Slaughter>  Newspaper as Political Assassin>  DNC Memorandum #20>  Demographic Problems>

November 2006

TV Attacks Elections>  Veterans Day and Tyranny>  Denominations & Political Correctness>  "Kelo," SCOTUS and the Water Company>  Nazism and Islam>  Outcomes-based Education...Flawed?>

December 2006

DNC Memorandum #21>  Whither the Holidays?>  Trump and the Bump-and-Grind>  Wannabes on the Loose>  God and Nation>  Sonnets for the New Year>

January 2007

FORD>  "Domestic Partner" Rip-off>  DNC Memorandum #22>  Carter-Clinton Baptist Clambake>  Grandmothers Are "IN">  Somalia Action - Grounds for Impeachment?>  Prez-Wannabe Silly Season>  The Latest FAD - Singleness  Candidates Enhance Global Warming>  European Layabouts - the Cost>  Hillary & the Iowa Village>  How the Grunch Stole Football>

February 2007

Biden Dropkicks Tonsils>  "Domestic Partner" Perks Invalidated in Michigan Universities>  The Russert-Edwards Show>  DNC Memorandum #23>  Bush's "Democrats!" = Lincoln's "Copperheads!">  Hardaway, Amaechi and Homosexuality>  Non-binding Resolutions - What a Laugh!>  Clinton/Carter et al & the Religious Pander>  Judicial Education-Wastefulness>  Democrat Culture/Military Shock>

March 2007

Campaigns - Still Madcap!>  Obama/Clinton/Edwards Bloody Another Sunday>  Academic Lunacy>  Education Problem? Throw Money!>  Osama, Ayman, and Mahmoud>  Congressional Laugh-In>  Kentucky Politics...Stinking, as Usual>  RESURRECTION>

April 2007

Bashar, Mahmoud, and Hassan>  Imus - "Send in the Clowns!">  The Facing of Death>  UK and the "Domestic Partners">  The Great Debate>

May 2007

Congressional Adrenalin Overdose>  Iraqi Vacations = U.S. Departure Time>  Mainstream Media & Misspeaking>  DNC Memorandum #24>  UPDATE: Jimmy/Bill & the Baptists>  The Hillary & John Circus>

June 2007

Preemption & Beheading - Right & Wrong  A Scalpel for the Attorney-General Nominee?  Obama, Dodd Incise Surgeon-General Nominee; Newspaper Happy!  "Leaky" Leahy Gang Rides Again  Campaign Silliness  The "Domestic-Partner" Stench  Education Tomfoolery  SCOTUS Gets It Right

July 2007

Religious Left Finds a Home  Tyranny  DNC Memorandum #25  "Domestic Partner" Leeches, UK & the AG  Summer Entertainment - Congressional Hearings  The B-D-K Midnight Conference  Oversight vs. Executive Privilege  The Infamous 1991 Document  Hillbillies - Propaganda Props  New Baptist Covenant - Unraveling?  GOTCHA!!!

August 2007

Daily/Yearly Kos  FLUFFERNUTTER!!!  The Philosopher and Imperialism  "Debate" - Sound-bite Circus  Aquarius Candidates & the Protected Class  Drunks & the Highways  Rhetoric as Turnoff  Diana & Mother Teresa  God's Warriors

September 2007

Labor Day 2007  Trivializing the Announcement Process  The General & the Charlatans  Campaigns - Far Too Early  The Military/Katrina Connection  DNC Memorandum #26  Sports-Cheating - Nothing New

October 2007

Distaff President?  Dingy Harry - Phony Senator?  "Hatchet Job" Redux - Thomas  Pelosi Strikes Again  The Sham Nobel  Sanchez Garrotes Mainstream Media  Democrat Soap Opera  Osama, Ayman & Mahmoud  Abyssinian Baptist & the Senator  Hillary Pilloried

November 2007

"LEAKY" & the Gang Strike Again!  Mideast Madness...Menacing!  Greenhouse "Gassiness"  Congressional Civil War Mocks Veterans Day  Evolutionary "Evil Eye"  Don't Desert Musharraf  Las Vegas Shoot-out  DNC Memorandum #27>  The U.S. as U.N.-Guarantor  Annapolis without Ahmadinejad  Head-start...or Is It?

December 2007

Presidents, Religion, & Politics  Romney, Religion & Reasonableness  The U.S., Global Warming & Christians  Bali Boondoggle  Hymns for Mrs. Johnson  Baptists & Religious Left?  Bhutto's Death Changes Nothing  International Leader - Who?

January 2008

Sport Trivialized  Grisham & the Baptists  Debate Recap  DNC Memorandum #28  Kerry's Kiss of Death?  Politics as Usual!  Blue Declaration of Independence  Democrats Claw Each Other  Electile Dysfunction  Baptists & the Clinton/Obama Conundrum

February 2008

Super Bowl Silliness/Shame  Whither the Non-Southern Baptists?  Racism & the Baptists?  The Twister & the Train  Campaigns - Sheer Entertainment  Lobbying by Any Other Name  Congress & the Steroids  Politics & Casinos  Campaign as Soap-Opera!  Kentucky Skullduggery Redux?  Enough from Campaign Spouses!

March 2008

Non-Super-Tuesday...Now, Overtime!  Clinton a Monster? Egad!  Sleaze in High Places  Political Nonsense  Obama's "jeremiah"?  Obama: the Wright Stuff?  Obama & the Race-Card  Reparations, "Typical Whites" & the Candidate  DNC Memorandum #29  Lies & Reparations  Race as Safe SPEECH

April 2008

Daniel Schorr & NATO  Religiously Speaking, of Course!  The Rev. Dr. Wright & Tuskegee  Brite & Wright  Congress as Comedy  Cs & Os...Faux Pas & Lies?  The Rev. Dr. Wright & the BIG LIE  The Famous Psyche Debate  The "Associations" Problem!  The Moyers/Wright Fiasco  Jeremiah (Wright) as PROPHET

May 2008

Is the Lady a Tramp?  Politics for Millionaires  Theologian Marty's "Pew-Game"  Obama or Clinton...Who Cares?  In Memoriam  Gas or Ethics?  Elitist Reverse-racism?

June 2008

At Last...No More Primaries  Post-Primary Shenanigans  The Church Homosexual-Problem  Campaign Silliness  DNC Memorandum #30  The Political Odd-Couple

July 2008

"Inartful" Company  DNC Memorandum #31  Kerry-Nader Redux  All About IMAGE  The New Yorker & the Terrorist Three  Governor Beshear's Costly Excursion  Obamessiah's Overseas Campaign  DNC Memorandum #32

August 2008

Obama the "Berliner-Celeb"    L'Affaire Edwards  Campaign, Thy Name Is Silliness!  DNC Memorandum #33  Replay It Again, Sam!  Obama, Rather & Mephistopheles  Dear Senator Joe Biden  Odd Couple - Michelle & Sorensen  Gustav & the Big Easy

September 2008

LONG KNIVES Fillet Palin  DNC Memorandum #34  Campaign Sermonic Preparation  Woodward Strikes Again  Coach on a RAMPAGE!  Dear Senator Obama  Corruption Corrupted in Kentucky  Ahmadinejad - Religion & Obamessiah  The Fraud of "Bailout"  DEBATE 1  DNC Memorandum #35

October 2008

Fannie/Freddy & the Crooks  Friends of Barry  Debate III - Wasted Time  Character Counts!  Comrades!  DNC Memorandum #36  The Biden & Powell Show  The Feckless Congress!  The Larry*Barry*Joe*Show  Ayers, Universities - Obama

November 2008

Election Process - SICK!  DNC Memorandum #37  White House de Rigueur  Whither the Nation?  Bailout...the Perfect Scam!  DNC Memorandum #38  O, A, M - The Three Stooges Redux  The Hopeless Congress

December 2008

Corruption...Collusion  The Bumbling Congress  Government - Just Print Money, Build Cars?  Under the Bus!  Politician Reflex - LIE!  Biden, Cheney Interviews  Ballad of the Bailout  Politics as Comedy  Epistle to the New Year

January 2009

Loony-tunes Politics  Transition as Soap Opera  Politics as Venality  Political Turpitude/Incompetence  The Irony of Disloyalty - Burris, Kerry  Giveaways a la Common Sense  The Invective Rolls On!  Whites & Right  Executive Orders  Corruption, Competence & Congress  Stimulus Loonies

February 2009

Washington - Crazy Place!  Letdown  Washington & Lincoln Today  Domestic Shock & Awe  Obama, Holder & the Race Card  One Crazy Month!  Oration & Consternation!

March 2009

Politics as Usual!  Manmade Climate-Change Hoax  A Cool Million per Family  DNC Memorandum #1  Cynicism to the Nth Degree!  Christ Was No Wimp  Press Conference Tedium  The BIG CON

April 2009

Euro-Trip a Bust?  Articles of Impeachment, Anyone?  Maundy Thursday - Greater Love!  The Church...a Losing Cause?  Piracy, Permission & the Black Caucus  DNC Memorandum #2  The Audacity of Damnation  Osama, Ayman & Mahmoud - 3 Stooges  Janet, Joe & Rahm  Open Season on Taxpayers...Anything Goes!

May 2009

Greater Danger - SCOTUS Appointees!  The EXTREMES  IMAGE - Professional Apologizers for Obama  Pelosi Rides Again!  Obama & the 1930s-Mindset  Ode to Climate-Change  Lest We Forget  DNC Memorandum #3

June 2009

De-Masculinity & the U.S.  More Apologies, Anyone?  The President & Race  Hedonism, Anyone?  The Right Connections!  IMAGE Is Everything!

July 2009

TYRANNY & the Fourth  Czars...the New DUMA!  American Ayatollah?  News Conference as CAMPAIGN  DNC Memorandum #4  To CALIBRATE or not to CALIBRATE  End-of-Life Conferences

August 2009

Clunker  Moral Turpitude - So What!  Leadership VACUUM  Obama as God's Partner  Jekyll/Hyde/Obama/Emanuel

September 2009

DNC Memorandum #5  Obama's Missed Opportunity  Too Long & Too Disingenuous!  Media - Disingenuous Shill?  Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!  Racism in the White House?  Obama & the Lunacy-Season!  Mahmoud, Moammar & Hugo  "We Won"...On To Copenhagen!

October 2009

Congressman Grayson & the Hereafter  Obama Motivation?  Peace Prize as Farce!  Failed Honeymoon?  University Sports-Peccadilloes  DNC Memorandum #6  Obama & Rampant Sexism  Foreign Relations - Hopeless?

November 2009

Political Spin & Backlash  How the Guv-Grinch Stole/Restored Christmas  A Terrorist By Any Other Name  DNC Memorandum #7  Justice Trivialized & Propagandized  Khalid & IMAGE  19 November 1863  The Actual Reason for New York Trials?  University as BIG BROTHER?  Climatic Scare as Flim-Flam  UN-IPCC's IMAGE Problem

December 2009

Coach-Firing = Security  Gate-crashing, Race & Executive Privilege  Al Gore's Credibility Problem  War in Copenhagen?  Tiger Woods' Legacy  Year's End - 2009  Copenhagen as SHAM!  Dear Harry...  Listen Up! Creator Speaking!  Congressional Corruption...FEMA Failure  DNC Memorandum #8

January 2010

Rahm, Max, Nancy & Joe  Obama & Terrorism  Light-brown, Articulate, Clean!  Haiti as Seen via New Orleans  The Kennedy-Era Over!  Blame Game - KAPUT!  Slow-Learner?  DNC Memorandum #9 Osama, Mahmoud & the Mullah Sad State of the Union

February 2010

The New NFL Game - CONCUSSION!  Prayer Breakfast 2010  The Latest Protected Species - "Daters"!  Word to the Wise(?)  In Your Face?  Cults & the Military Academies  Don't Ask? Don't Tell?  Sports - Cesspool of Corruption  No End in Sight?  The Top Generals & Homosexuality  Colossal Sham - Health-Care Conference!

March 2010

DNC Memorandum #10  Obama Health-Care Teleprompter/Theatrics  The NANNY State in Spades!  Philadelphia Redux - More HOT AIR!  Church/State Duplicity?  DNC Memorandum #11  The Slimy Washington DEALS!  PEPSI as Paradigm for POLICY?  Corruption as Legislative Paradigm  The New Welfare State - (BANANA REPUBLIC)  Social Justice...or Injustice?  A Stupak Spin, Maybe?  The Pope & the Pedophile-Priests

April 2010

God's End-Game  Rahm & the Gang  Buffoonery...with National Defense?  Smooth Operators in Academia  Bureaucratic & Evolutionary Blarney!  Nuke Summit - Great Obama PR?  Catholicism at Carnal Crossroads  Bill & the Tea Gang  DNC Memorandum #12  Desperation & the Debt Commission  "American Dream?" 

May 2010

The Derby, Hard Times & Tiger  The Prez & Civil Discourse  DNC Memorandum #13  SCOTUS & Lesbianism  Kagan & the Paper Trail  The Obama/Calderon Calumny  Paul "PALINED" by the MSM  Obama & the First 480 Days

June 2010

Democrat National Commissariat Memorandum #14  Prez Detecting Derelict Derriere!  Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, POTUS & Rahm  Obama & BP Escrow  POTUS Oil-Spill Speech  The King & the Stooges!  The McChrystal Affair  The Obama/BP Cabal?

July 2010

Socialism by Design?  DNC Memorandum #15  "Jobs" Is a Three-Letter Word?  Obamanomaly  Ashley & the Strippers (mining, that is)  DNC Memorandum #16  The Religious Left

August 2010

Race-Card...Deja Vu  Mosques...NIMBY  Madness Attacks California Again!  Homosexuals & the Military  DNC Memorandum #17  U.S. Constitution & Koran  The Jim & Kim Show  Beck & "Restoring Honor" 

September 2010

Sharpton, Duncan & the New Black Panthers  Obama & Niebuhr?  Un-Righteous Rhetoric & Allah  Rauf - Insensitive Imam!  DNC Memorandum #18  Globalism or Nationalism?  The President & the Preachers  Mahmoud & the Gang

October 2010

Baseball Criminality Exposed!  Homosexuality & the University  Krugman's Angst  DADT Legislation from the Bench  Dreams from My Father  DNC Memorandum #19  And Then There Was Football  The Election Trivialized!

November 2010

Oligarchy or Term-Limits?  John, Hillary & Al  Nanny Rides Again!  Nanny & the WARNINGS!  DNC Memorandum #20  The Teacher & Water-boarding  U.S. Hostage to Muslim Jihad?  Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, POTUS & Cass  The Preacher Takes a Stand???

December 2010

Osama, the Mullah & Mahmoud  The Commanders Speak Truth to Power  Obama & the Caste-System  Cancun-by-the-sea...Farewell!  The Lady, DOJ & the Hajj  Other Militaries & DADT  Philosophy & the Top 1%  The Mathematician & the Ark  Dear 2011,

January 2011

DNC Memorandum #21  The Captain's Folly  And the Beat Goes On!  Wellstone Funeral Redux  Football - Blood Sport?  IMAGE Is Everything!
CIVILITY  The Math Teacher & the Ark  The Prexy's SOTU Performance  Football Run Amok!

February 2011

Rahm, Ayers & the Rev.  Obama's Foot/Mouth Problem  L’Affaire Egyptioan  Revolution in D.C.  Legislative Social Engineering  Military Social Engineering - RAPE  Unisex Unfair Advantage?  Ahmadinejad, Mahdi & Dajjal  Civility...Political Correctness...NUTS!

March 2011

Government Employees & Unions  No Libyan Responsibility  DNC Memorandum #22  Legislators & Unions  To Speak...or Not to Speak  The U.S. & Civil War  New Military Method - "On-the-Fly"  Imperial Presidency?  Obama's Libya "UPDATE" - Fiasco!  Presidential Misspeak

April 2011

Obama, the Constitution & War  Obama's War - WHY?  Obama's War...Personal & Disgraceful  Under-the-Bus Gang Rides Again!  Obama's Bay of Pigs  Shoulder-to-Shoulder...a Farce  The Deadly Folly of Obama, McCain et al  The Senator Visits Libya!  Trump on the Stump?  Obama's Unspeakable Jihad & Fifth Column

May 2011

The "Most Gutsiest" Call  No End-Zone Spike...No Pix!  Correct Osama Pix  DNC Memorandum #1  Obama & the War Powers Act  U.N. Mandate Distorted by Obama

June 2011

Weiner Warped in the Whirlwind!  Weiner's Partners in Crime  Dear President Obama:  Obama's Illegal War  DNC Memorandum #2  The Three Caveteers  Obama - War Criminal?

July 2011

Tyranny & the Fourth  Fragile Freedom  Obama's Libya-Rape Continues  Libya & the "TRUTHERS"  DNC Memorandum #3

August 2011

Hillary Rides Again!  Boogity Boogity Boogity...AMEN!  Obama's ONLY Solution - TAXES!  DNC Memorandum #4  Obama & TREASON!  Minority Rule  National Mall Travesty

September 2011

Obamacomedy  Commemorations...Sometimes Excessive?

October 2011

The Hippy Autumn  Cain's Gimmickry?  "Debates"...Silly Drivel  Libya, Uganda...Obama's Legacy?  Dr. Jeffress & the Mormons  Take Back the Country...Oh Yeah!  DNC Memorandum #5

November 2011

Whither U.S. Education?  Bialek...a Fraud?  Tyranny - VETERANS DAY  Penn State Affair...Just Normal?  Macho Entertainer or Humble Grunt?  Occupiers...Ignorant or What?  "Debates" as Circus

December 2011

Prexy...2001 Version  Cain & the Ironies  Obama Plays Class-Warfare Card  An Arab Spring in Iraq Soon?  The Herald-Leader Hatchet-Job on Meyer  Obama's "Soul Brother" -- the Rabbi  Yanks Gone...Now, the PURGE  Professors & Facts...Mutually Exclusive?  Political Correctness Gone Amok  DNC Memorandum #6

January 2012

The PQRI...a Bad Joke  The Senators & Camacho  Brokaw, Obama & Libya  Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, POTUS & Carney  What Would MLK Say Today?  Rape in the Military

February 2012

Campaign Silliness to the Nth Degree  Obama's Middle East Incredibility  Endangered Constitution?  Obama & Constitutional Law  The Editorialist & Procreation Politics  "Horsy Set" Rides Again!  The Professor & the Slave-mongering Republicans  Obama's Inconvenient Mouth & Syria  Clinton - Nanny to the World

March 2012

Friends of Syria - Egad!  Apologist-in-Chief Obama & the Lady  McCain's Folly  POTUS in Marriage/Apology-Mode  DNC Memorandum #7  Pelosi & Fluke...WEIRD  POTUS & His Proxy-Apology Craze  Women's History Month...Sacred?  The NOH8 GangHedonism Incarnate  Obama's Empathy & Flexibility  Political Correctness Gone Further Amok  Newspaper Attempts to Bankrupt Small Business

April 2012

Homosexuality...a Civil Rights Matter?  The Martin Affair & Yellow Journalism  DNC Memorandum #8  Obama, Reagan & Race  College-Sports...Corrupt Goldmine  Faith vis-a-vis "Fair Share"  Economics Gurus Disagree!

May 2012

Only in KENTUCKY!  Shameful Presidential Posturing  The Professor & TEA-SCOTUS  Obama Perverts Marriage  Obama Discovers States' Rights  Teen Lesbians & GLBT Cash  DNC Memorandum #9  Is Licentiousness Normal?  Same-sex Marriage & Religion  In Memoriam  SCOTUS "Gang of Five" 

June 2012

POTUS & Image-makeover  Obama's "Impromptu" Press Conference  The Richard Land Affair  Romney & Obama's Achilles Heel!"  The Professor & the "System"

July 2012

Sports-Universities Incest & Greed  Webster, Southern Baptists & Togetherness  UK Professors - Sky Is Falling!  Ignorance & Officialdom  Parking-Lots & Memories  Governments Buried by Pensions & Perks  Potpourri

August 2012

BIG BROTHER Rides Again!  DNC Memorandum #10  Obama & Character Assassination  POTUS, Jekyll & Hyde  Biden Stump-Speech  Under the Bus Gang Crawls Again!  Civil War...Whose War?

September 2012

Moyers & Nefarious Schemes  Professorial Prevarications & Propaganda  Convention Musings  Obama - Ever the Apologist?  Big Four Plot Romney-gate  Innocence of Muslims - NOT the Reason!  Romney "Gaffe" Simple Truth?  Enough Egg-on-Face to Go Around!  Obama Earned Impeachment in 2011 & 2012

October 2012

Obama & Debate-Rehearsal  We Will Bury You  Debate Recap & October Surprise  Football & NASCAR - Bloodsports  Obama/Clinton Stonewall Libya, Misread Syria  Veep Debate Recap  Prez-Debate-II Recap  Newest Can of Worms  DNC Memorandum #11  Chauvinism or Common Sense?  Liberals Ignore Libya

November 2012

Anyone Seen Hillary?  Columnist - Fully Evolved or...?  The Meaning of 47%  Women...Protected Species?  Re-Shuffling Time  Sin-Tax Redux  End of an Era?

December 2012

Climate Contrivance  Griever-in-Chief  Bastogne, December 1944  Kerry the Troglodyte  Year-end Lament

January 2013

The We-Won-Kid Rides Again!  DNC Memorandum #12  Presidential Grandstanding  Disastrous Presidential Incompetence  Inaugural Poetic Justice?  Clinton/Kerry Farce  Women in Combat?

February 2013

Meaningless Gun-Hearing  McCain/Kerry Treachery  SIREN SONG  The Evolving President  Grammy-Cabinet Phobia  Editorialist Disses Judd  Panicky Professor at Berea College  Oscars Orgy

March 2013

Presidential Tomfoolery  Obama & the Constitution  The Pope & Catholicism  Pathetic White Males  Pope Francis  Pathetic Professorial Punditry  States Losing Rights  Religious Freedom Upheld by Ky. Legislature

April 2013

Why Not Just LAUGH?  Liberal Silliness  l'Affaire Judd  Kerry & the Kiddie Korps  DNC Memorandum #13  Boston Marathon/Euphoria  Justice for Jihadists?  Three Dangerous Senators

May 2013

Obama/Collins...Odd Couple  Department of Gender  Governmental Stupidity  Columnist Acclaims Homosexuality  In Memoriam  Valerie & the Johns

June 2013

Prevarication as Politics  Tipping Point?  Governmental Stupidity  Obama vs. Climate  Minister Says Everyone a Train-wreck

July 2013

Gettysburg...03-05 1863  The Parson & the Lesbian  Professor Compares Catholics to Republicans  Obama & Class-Warfare  Whiner-In-Chief  DNC Memorandum #14

August 2013

The Commemoration of Trayvon Martin  Presidential Potpourri  A Time to "Keep Silence"  Columnist Reveres Hillary  U.S. in Twilight-Zone  Civil War, Anyone?  Chickens Home to Roost?  The Dream Unfulfilled?

September 2013

Clue-less Emperor Has No Clothes  The Road to Damascus  Not Worth Saving Face  Insipid Red-Line Disavowal  Obama: War's Easy-Start, Hard-End  Secular/Christian Progressives & the Dream  Impeachment, Not More Speeches  Putin's Polemic  The WMD Ploy?  POTUS, V-PO, Jekyll & Hyde  Executive-Order Perfidy  Gas-Pipeline—NIMBY  Sharpton's Folly  Pope/Preacher & Accommodation

October 2013

Healthcare or Insurance Windfall?  Redtape  Unintended Consequences  An Emperor with No Clothes?  Evolutionary Ecologist & Scientific Inquiry

November 2013

Presidential Fraud  Beshear--Obama's Fair-Haired Boy  Government Morality Gone South  Tyranny & Veterans Day  Degradation in High Places  Devious Democrat Boilerplate  Sex & Soldiers  Prof Cites Buccaneer Business  DNC Memorandum #15

December 2013

Passenger-Trains Not an Option  MONARCHY...or Not?  Paper Popularizes Perversion  The Professor & Unions  A Redtape Letter  Perversionism Joins Feminism  Presidential Arrogance/Ignorance  DNC Memorandum #16  Homophobia or Speech-Freedom

January 2014

Perverse Papal Pronouncements  Arm al-Maliki?  Democratic Oligarchy...Oxymoron?  Economic Stagnation...Long-Term?  Gates & the Gang  Chauvinism or Common Sense  Coed Rape...Preventable?  The Redtape Letters 

February 2014

Remedial Kindergarten?  CVS Hypocrisy  Malfeasance = Im peachment  Media Bash McConnell  64-Crayon Protocol  DNC Memorandum #17  Creationism or Secularism?  Pseudo-Climate-Change Upsets Kerry  The Church—Sacred or Satanic?

March 2014

A Time for Silence  Exponential Hypocrisy  Crimean Secession  Alleged Military Rape  Best regards, Vlad  The NAAWW  Muslim Pilots?  Ky. Democrats in Disarray  The University & Inequality - Laughable  Pope & Prexy  The Novel Nowadays

April 2014

TORNADO  Never Promised a Rose Garden  U.S. Administration—Exponential Ineptness  President All "Teed-Up"  Media Gone Ape Again!

May 2014

Exponential Hypocrisy  Under God?  Media Hypocrisy  Obama Legacy—DECEIT  Professor & Plato  SPORTS Musings  Diversity Stupidity  Presidential Makeover  A Parody, Anyone?

June 2014

The VA & West Point  Eden-of-Deception  Fairness????  The NEW Allies  Another Poison-Pen XO  The Peril of Mocking God

July 2014

We Shall Under-bear  Editorial Hoax  Chickens Home to Roost

August 2014

World Ruler  Cartoonist Stumbles on Truth  A RACIST Attorney General  The Ransom/Hostage Question  Elected Officials GLORIFY Stupidity

September 2014

King Abdullah, the HYPOCRITE  DNC Memorandum #16  L'affaire de Rice  Jobs & National Defense  Washington Insanity  The NFL Soap-opera & Female Victim-hood  Obama Cons USA/UN... Again  Let Muslims Finish It

October 2014

Kerry & the Under-the-Bus-Gang  Dueling Polls  Educational Flimflam!  Obama, Pentagon & Climate  Basketball Bacchanalia  Local Polling...Political Propaganda

November 2014

Polling as Data or Propaganda?  Sports Now Defined as GREED  Shellacking #2  "Grubering"  A Christmas Cruise to Remember  Governmental Repression Sanctioned/Thwarted?  Obama/Holder Play Race Card

December 2014

The Lesson of Ferguson  Grand Jury Got It Right  Obama's Houseboy - Sharpton  Misuse of the SEALS?  DNC Memorandum #17  Religion & the Rain-Tax  Feinstein's Folly  Obama-Holder-Sharpton—Anarchy  National Police Force?  A Testimony for CHRISTMAS  Dear Al

January 2015

Newest Lunacy...Dating Laws  Professor Skewers Voter-ID Laws  Paris March Eligibility?  Baptist Editor Blasts Franklin Graham  Je Ne...Pas Suis Charlie  S-O-T-U...Much Ado about Nothing  Big Joke...Deflated Football  New Kerry&Taylor Agent

February 2015

The EDUCATION Racket  TIME & the Glass Ceiling  ISIS & the U.S.  Obama & the Crusades  Subterfuge as Sanctuary  HIGH HORSE...Tallyho!  LAMEDUCK  School Transgender Nonsense

March 2015

Selma/Ferguson/Obama  Freedom of SPEECH at OU?  Military Social Engineering a BUST  Pernicious Professorial Pontificating  PALM SUNDAY 1865

April 2015

Indiana RFRA  USA & ISIS  Islam, ISIS & the Mahdi  Hillary  Enough Race-mongering!  Politically Correct Baptist Ethicist  BALTIMORE

May 2015

Professor Makes Moot Point  A Broken City...Hopeless?  College-Campus Common-Sense  Church in Disarray?  Nazis & Jihad  Wacky Kentucky Legislation

June 2015

Sex-Change Fraud  Democrat Males—Do not Apply!  Transition Is for Every ID  The President & Charleston  SCOTUS Makes Mischief

July 2015

Stars-and-Bars  Morally in the Tank  Trash-Mouth Is Coach's Dear Friend  Corrupter-in-Chief

August 2015

Debate-Gate  Syntax & Schlepping  Whither Black Angst?  Bride/Groom in Dustbin of History  Hillary the HYPOCRITE  Obama Feminizes the RANGERS

September 2015

Campus Rape Responsibility  NO Muslim Immigration  Whither the LEGACY?  CNN Debate DEBACLE  Carson is Right  Constitution vs. Sharia Law  DNC Memorandum #18  The Pope  Trump...Professor's Last Resort

October 2015

Middle-East Exit-Time  Univ. of Louisville Basketball  Rants & Raves  Rant & Raves #2  Million-Man Anniversary  Hillary Makeover  Please...Smoke-filled Rooms Again!  The Clintons' Perfidies  Odom/Hefner/Media Sleaze  Clinton & the UNDER-THE-BUS Gang>  Hillary Deservedly Skewered  Narcissism to the Fore  CNBC Debate...CBS Response

November 2015

Sports GREED  Carson & the Pyramids  Animals Running the Zoo  No Muslim "REFUGEES"

January 2016

Football Exhibitionism  Anachronistic Bible?  Trump-Fox Imbroglio  Is Green Bay Team Socialist?

February 2016

What Goes Around...

June 2016


July 2016

Whitewash  Columnist Skewers Ark-Evangelicals

August 2016

Black Soul

September 2016

Quarterback Quackery

November 2016


December 2016

Flawed Election Explanation

May 2017

DNC Memorandum #1  Tenuous Tenure

June 2017

DNC Memorandum #2  NFL's Latest Obscenity

July 2017

DNC Memorandum #3